Happy Halloween!

Dear Parents,

Usually I am writing about pretty heavy stuff here with respect to kids and parenting. And all of you contribute tremendously to the conversation with your feedback and honest talk about your lives and your children.

But tonight I’d like to take a break from all of that and wish you and your kids a Happy Halloween! Hope you all have loads of fun!



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  1. by Mary

    On November 6, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Happy Halloween! Sorry this is late, but I was having a special day with my son, 19, who was home to visit for the weekend. We were doing a memory day and I was asking him things. Would you believe he remembered his umbrella stroller? He also said he remembers it being UNcomfortable. I was shocked! So, Doc, could it be he remembers from a photo we haven’t looked at in years or was the stroller as uncomfortable as they really LOOK! LOL He doesn’t slouch when he is in his Marine uniform but he does when he relaxes in a chair. FYI, Moms!