Summer Safety Check-In: Is Your Child Wearing A Helmet When Riding A Bike?

Question: What age group is at the highest risk for bicycle-related injuries?

Answer: Children between the ages of 5 and 14 years. childwithhelmet

Question: How many kids go the emergency room each year because of injuries suffered in a bicycle accident?

Answer: About 300, 000

Question: How many head injuries could be prevented by helmet use?

Answer: 45,000

Question: What percentage of children wear helmets on a regular basis?

Answer: 48%.

Question: Just cruising around my neighbor for a few weeks, what percentage of kids did I observe wearing a helmet?

Answer: About 23%

Question: How many children should be wearing a helmet on a regular basis?

Answer: 100%

Wearing a helmet is essential but not enough. Visit KidsHealth for a number of sensible guidelines that will help keep your child safe and healthy.

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