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6 Mindy Lahiri Mom Moments I Want to See

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Minday Lahiri from The Mindy ProjectMindy Lahiri from “The Mindy Project” is one of my favorte TV characters, and now that she’s pregnant with Danny’s baby, I can’t to see her experience the full spectrum of motherhood.

I confess, I had initial doubts about the pregnancy storyline, but the recent episodes have me convinced she’s on her way to becoming one of the best moms on TV. Plus, I know she’ll rock maternity style just like the celebs she’s obsessed about.

For now, though, Mindy’s still in her first trimester, and whether or not she gives birth by the end of this season, I can’t wait to see how the show depicts pre- and post-pregnancy topics in honest and humorous ways. Here are the specific mom moments I want to see Mindy experience!

1- Sharing Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms – Given Mindy’s openness about farting, the show is the perfect place to tackle more taboo pregnancy topics like…gas and bloating, itchy nipples, and pregnancy sex/weird sex dreams. As a ob/gyn on the show, she won’t lack for strange pregnancy symptoms to highlight, hopefully starting a conversation about the common (heightened sense of smell) and unique (severe morning sickness) experiences pregnant women have. So far, she is experiencing one unique symptom: feeling hot and flushed all the time (see “Dinner at the Castellanos”).

2- Having Weird Pregnancy Cravings – A lady who can devour a whole coffee cake by herself will probably have odd cravings at all hours, and it’ll be hilarious to see what food mash-ups Mindy puts together. Or see more of her attempts to satisfy cravings by eating healthy — with or without fruit and chia seeds!

3- Discussing the Ultimate Birth PlanVaginal birth? Natural birth? Water birth? Hypnobirth? C-section? I can already see Dr. Lahiri spending one or more episodes figuring out a personal birth plan. She can use her ob/gyn expertise, talk to other patients, and consult the other docs (maybe have another run-in with the Deslauriers). And it’ll be interesting to see if Mindy chooses a doula to help her through the pregnancy — can’t you just see her choosing a NYC-based celeb doula like Latham Thomas? And you know her hospital bag will most likely be a hospital suitcase.

4- Planning a Gender Reveal Party – Baby showers are a dime a dozen, so I’m eager to see Mindy’s spin on a gender reveal party. (There will surely be gender reveal cupcakes involved.) And seeing how parties often go awry on the show, I’m already seeing comic gold.

5- Facing New-Mom Challenges – We already know Danny’s an expert diaper wrangler from his years of raising Richie. But Mindy will probably need to learn how to change a diaper, swaddle a baby, and breastfeed (and solve breastfeeding problems)…among other things! Mindy will most likely can’t avoid new-parent mistakes, and it will also be funny to see how she deals with sleep training while being sleep-deprived herself.

6- Going on Maternity Leave – While I can’t see Mindy staying away from Shulman & Associates for too long, it’ll be fascinating to see if she will pull a Melissa Mayer. But how amazing would it be to see a mom actually enjoy maternity leave before returning to work (with or without a built-in office nursery)? Let’s give some love to both SAHMs and working moms!

If you’re a fan of “The Mindy Project,” what mom moments do you hope to see?

Sherry Huang is a Features Editor for She loves collecting children’s picture books and has an undeniable love for cookies of all kinds. Her spirit animal would be Beyoncé Pad Thai. Follow her on Twitter @sherendipitea.

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Finding the “Right” Time to Have Kids

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

It’s rare that a parenting topic gets covered in high-fashion Vogue, but when it does, it has a tendency to make a splash. I was intrigued by Tanya Selvaratnam’s latest piece for the magazine: “Postponing Motherhood: When Does It Actually Become Too Late?” In her article, she states that many women in her generation waited too long to have kids and missed out on motherhood.

It’s a tricky subject. We are living in a society that is much different than the society of our parents’ and grandparents’ time. Look no further than Marie Claire’s February 2014 issue, which is a celebration of the single, independent woman. With sections on how to travel alone and how to live alone, the feature reflects the new culture that we live in. Since we are taking time for ourselves, women today are taking longer to get married. In 1960, the median age for an American woman to first get married was 20; now, it’s 27.

Even though marriage can be put off for as long as we want, kids can’t be postponed for too long (if you want them). Our biological clocks still exist. Amongst all of the great discussions in Marie Claire about the benefits of not being tied down in our 20s, the magazine acknowledges that, by 27, our fertility is already starting to decline. The best age to have a baby biologically is 20. According to a 2009 CDC study, by age 40, our chances of a live birth are 18.7 percent; by 44, this decreases to 2.9 percent.

The message behind these statistics is easy to brush off. “We are not conditioned to feel the urgency of fertility,” Selvaratnam writes in Vogue. This was the case for 37-year-old Hilary Grove, who was under the impression that it wasn’t “a big deal” to wait before having kids. Now, she struggles to get pregnant.

Should we be having kids younger then? My mom was 23 when she had me, and I love how close we are. Today, she is in her 40s, and I can’t imagine her having me now. We’ve already had so much time together.

These days, society is also encouraging millennials to postpone having kids, to work on our careers, relationships, ourselves, and our generation is not so keen on following in our parents’ footsteps. We’re a bit slower with everything, from moving out to getting married, so it is no surprise that many 20- and 30-somethings feel that they are not ready for a kid. As my colleague Jessie pointed out in her recent post, millennials aren’t financially secure enough to raise a child. Though more people are graduating from college than ever, they are increasingly working at dead-end jobs, with the added burden of student loans.

As a millennial still fairly fresh out of school, it’s even hard for me to believe that I could be having kids of my own at this stage in my life. This is despite my mom’s eager anticipation, which grew once I got engaged. (In typical millennial fashion, I still think I’m too young!) However, Selvaratnam’s Vogue piece serves as a reminder that there is a biological expiration date for conceiving, though it varies from person to person. That’s important, and it’s something for me to consider in my 10-year plan.

Are you trying to conceive? Check out our fertility calculator and a 7-step plan to getting pregnant faster.

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Trying to Conceive: 5 Ways to Get Pregnant Faster
Trying to Conceive: 5 Ways to Get Pregnant Faster

Image of a pregnant woman via Shutterstock.

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