Are You Making These Baby-Sleep Safety Mistakes?

If there’s one thing we know you crave as a new parent, it’s sleep. Of course, for you to get some rest, you need your baby to safely drift off. And that can be grueling during the first year. American Baby, in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization devoted to preventing childhood injuries, polled more than 4,500 new moms with babies age 1 and younger to find out how parents put their infant to sleep. Find out if you’re making any of the missteps our survey uncovered, and share this infographic with all your new-mom friends. Together, let’s make 2014 the year that babies sleep more safely.

baby sleep statistics

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To find out what common safe-sleep mistakes you’re making, click here to see the full story.

What do you need for a safe and sleep-friendly nursery? Download our checklist and find out. Then, learn how to make homemade baby food with our easy how-to guide.

All About Co-Sleepers
All About Co-Sleepers
All About Co-Sleepers

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