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Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

Friday, January 24th, 2014

A Kansas man who claims he acted as a sperm donor for a lesbian couple and waived all parental rights in the process has been told that because the artificial insemination was not performed by a licensed physician, the man is in fact the child’s father and is obligated to pay child support.  More from

William Marotta claims to have waived his rights as a parent during the process, but Shawnee County District Judge Mary Mattivi maintained that the parties did not enlist a licensed physician, which nullifies his claim to being a sperm donor.

“In this case, quite simply, the parties failed to perform to statutory requirement of the Kansas Parentage Act in not enlisting a licensed physician at some point in the artificial insemination process,” Mattivi wrote in her decision, according to AP.

The case to have Marotta declared the father was filed by Kansas Department for Children and Families in October 2012. He could now effectively be held responsible for around $6,000 in assistance already provided by the state along with future child support payments.

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Actor Jason Patric Puts Sperm Donor Rights in Spotlight

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

The actor Jason Patric was in a California courtroom this week to advocate for the parental rights of sperm donors. NBC News has more:

The “Lost Boys” actor is involved in a heated battle with ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber with whom he has a 3-year-old son, Gus — who was conceived using in vitro fertilization.

After splitting up, the never-married couple had different ideas about what role Patric should play in the boy’s life. Schreiber maintains that the pair agreed that Patric’s donation would remain anonymous and that he would not have any rights as the father, she told NBC’s “Today.”

Patric insists, however, that he was always intended to act as a father to Gus. The disagreement resulted in a custody battle.

“I am here mainly because I need to be Gus’ voice, my son, a voice I have not heard in 25 weeks, a voice that is not allowed to mention my name in his mother’s home, a voice that sent me here,” Patric said to committee members, Tuesday.

Patric first took his case to state lawmakers after a judge ruled that he was to be classified strictly as a sperm donor and that he had no paternal rights over Gus — the decision was based on a 2011 state law specifying that sperm donors have no legal parental rights.

“Every single one of us was barred from proving our parentage by this loophole in a law,” Patric said. “We all tried to become parents. We went through great lengths to become parents. I had surgery to become a parent.”

Since the initial verdict, California state Sen. Jerry Hill, who wrote the 2011 state law, has introduced a new bill, SB115, which would allow sperm donors who conceive a child through artificial insemination to establish parental rights if they can prove a certain level of involvement in that child’s life.

Image: Jason Patric, via s_bukley /

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Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Expecting Second Child

Monday, February 4th, 2013

The actress Penelope Cruz is pregnant, according to news reports, carrying what will be the second child for Cruz and her husband, the actor Javier Bardem.  More from US Weekly:

Cruz, 38, gave birth to her first child, son Leonardo, in January 2011, six months after she and Bardem, 43, tied the knot at a friend’s home in the Bahamas….

The news of Cruz and Bardem’s second baby means that the actress and her younger sister, Monica Cruz, will be pregnant together for at least a few months. Monica, 35, announced earlier in January that she was expecting her first child via an anonymous sperm donor later this year.

Image: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, via Featureflash /

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Kansas Sperm Donor Fights Child Support Order

Friday, January 4th, 2013

William Marotta, a Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple who now has a 3-year-old daughter, is fighting the state’s efforts to get him to pay child support after the couple broke up and the child’s care is being partially provided by state programs.  More from The Huffington Post:

The case hinges on the fact that no doctors were used for the artificial insemination. The state argues that because William Marotta didn’t work through a clinic or doctor, as required by state law, he can be held responsible for about $6,000 that the child’s biological mother received through public assistance – as well as future child support.

Angela de Rocha, spokeswoman for the Kansas Department for Children and Families, said that when a single mother seeks benefits for a child, it’s routine for the department to try to determine the child’s paternity and require the father to make support payments to lessen the potential cost to taxpayers.

Marotta, a 46-year-old Topeka resident, answered an online ad in 2009 from a local couple, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, who said they were seeking a sperm donor. After exchanging emails and meeting, the three signed an agreement relieving Marotta of any financial or paternal responsibility.

But instead of working with a doctor, Marotta agreed to drop off a container with his sperm at the couple’s home and the women successfully handled the artificial insemination themselves. Schreiner become pregnant with a girl.

Late last year, after she and Bauer broke up, Schreiner received public assistance from the state to help care for the girl.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families filed a court petition against Marotta in October, asking that he be required to reimburse the state for the benefits and make future child support payments. Marotta is asking that the case be dismissed, arguing that he’s not legally the child’s father, only a sperm donor.

Image: Legal paperwork, via Shutterstock

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