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Dad Protests High School Book, Is Arrested

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

A New Hampshire father was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after he allegedly repeatedly spoke out of turn at a school board meeting.  William Baer, whose daughter attends Gilford High School, was speaking in protest of a school-assigned book he said was inappropriate, as The Huffington Post reports:

[Baer]…was arrested during a school board meeting Monday night after he continuously talked out of turn in protest of the Jodi Picoult book Nineteen Minutes. Baer was upset the school had assigned the book –- which contains a graphic sex scene between two teenagers — to his ninth-grade daughter without first notifying parents, according to WCVB.

“You are going to arrest me because I violated the two-minute rule?” Baer asked at the meeting after he was reprimanded for speaking for longer than the allotted time, according to WCVB video. “I guess you are going to have to arrest me.”

Baer was soon put in handcuffs and eventually charged with disorderly conduct, the outlet reports.

The book — which examines the events leading up to and after a school shooting in New Hampshire — has been assigned in the past, but the district said it forgot to notify parents this year. The district has since apologized and said it will make sure it doesn’t happen again, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Image: School library, via Shutterstock

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Delegate Moms Protest Lack of Child Care at Dem Convention

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Delegates who planned to bring their children to the Democratic National Convention recently learned that organizers will not provide childcare or allow kids on the convention floor, CBS Charlotte reports. The DNC begins in Charlotte, N.C., on September 3.

This decision has sparked criticism from local chapters of the National Organization of Women and from women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, who called it “discrimination against moms.”

“Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women,” Steinem said in a statement. “It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist.”

Californian Susie Shannon, who planned to bring her four-year-old daughter to the convention, told the Charlotte Observer: “The Democratic Party shouldn’t put you in a position where you have to choose between your child and participating in a political convention.”

A convention spokeswoman said the DNC’s official vendor directory will include a list of private child care providers, and added that all convention venues will include lactation centers for nursing moms.


Image: Political convention via Shutterstock.

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Leave Our Photos Alone! Breastfeeding Moms Stage Facebook Protest

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Breastfeeding moms staged nurse-ins at Facebook headquarters this week, protesting the networking site’s practice of removing photos of women nursing their children.

The Huffington Post reports the protest was launched by Emma Kwasnica, a Vancouver, Canada mother and breastfeeding advocate who has posted more than 200 photos of herself nursing her children and says her account has been suspended repeatedly for violating the site’s no-nudity policy.

About 60 protesters gathered in front of Facebook’s Menlo Park offices on Monday, and similar protests were planned in New York; Toronto; Austin, Texas; Seattle; London; Paris; Amsterdam; Madrid; Singapore; Dublin, Ireland; and Sydney. Protesters say they want to make the point that breastfeeding isn’t obscene.

The San Francisco Chronicle offered more details:

Facebook officials said that breastfeeding photos are taken down only when they are flagged as inappropriate and that sometimes errors happen.

But protesters called on the social-networking giant to better train employees to recognize legitimate photos and to institute a better way to contact the company when an error is made, especially one that causes a member’s account to be suspended.

“There’s no excuse for anyone to be harassed for breastfeeding,” said Jodine Chase, who was among about 60 protesters who helped organize the nurse-in outside Facebook headquarters. “We want Facebook to leave breastfeeding alone.”

Earlier this year, Facebook issued a statement about its policies to the Huffington Post:

“The vast majority of breastfeeding photos are compliant with our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook takes no action on such content. However, photos which contain a fully exposed breast, do violate our terms and may be removed if they are reported to us. These policies are based on the same standards that apply to television and print media. It is important to note that photos upon which we act are almost exclusively brought to our attention by other users who complain about them being shared on Facebook.”

Readers, share your thoughts: Do photos of breastfeeding belong on Facebook?

Image: via The Huffington Post.

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