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‘Birth Photography’ Gaining Popularity

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Professional photography has found a new niche…in the delivery room.  The New York Times reports that the trend reflects changing perception of labor and delivery as an event to be remembered, celebrated, and shared long after the blessed event:

The photographers and their clients have grown accustomed to puzzled looks and probing questions (Pictures of what, exactly?). But their rationale is simple: If you are going to document a child’s every bite of mushed banana as if it were a historical event, does it not make sense that his or her entrance into the world be photographed by a professional?

“I want to see that moment when I’m in labor,” said Rhisie Hentges of Long Beach, Calif., who paid $1,895 to have Briana Kalajian, a co-owner of Shoots and Giggles Photography, document the birth of her first child. “That moment when both my husband and I look to see what the sex is? That’s something that I want to see happen.” (As it happened, she had a Caesarean section last week, and the photographer was not allowed in the operating room, although she got many artful shots of the before and after.)

Another growing trend is for photographers to incorporate sonogram images of fetuses into photographs of pregnant women, using Photoshop or other photographic software.  From the New York Daily News:

Shelly Kuhn, a family portrait photographer from Tonawanda, N.Y., has Photoshopped clients’ sonogram images onto their maternity shoots several times, and sees it as an artistic portrayal of pregnancy.

“Clients have asked me for it. Women love seeing what their children look like on their belly, they find it intriguing,” Kuhn told The Daily. “I would love to do more of these. But there is a debate over whether it’s morbid and disgusting or beautiful.”

Image: Pregnant woman in the hospital, via Shutterstock.

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Program Gives Kids Cameras to Help Them Cope with Cancer

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

A program at a Los Angeles hospital is working to help children with cancer cope with the daily stresses, worries, and complications associated with their illnesses by giving them digital cameras and teaching them some general principles of photography.  NBC News reports on the Pablove Shutterbugs program:

Layne [Simkins, age 12], now in remission, has come a long way as a photographer. His mother, Wendy Simkins, said she’s also noticed another kind of growth.

“It’s helped him come out of his shell a little bit more,” she said. “Since he’s been diagnosed with the cancer, he’s had a tough time, ’cause he’s stuck at home. This gave him an opportunity, when he was able to go out or do things, that he can look through the lens and not really think about what was going on with himself. [He] could really think about, ‘Wow. There’s a whole world out there, but this is just a small part of my life that I’m battling now. But I have such a great future to look forward to. And the world really is a beautiful place.”

Pablove Shutterbugs co-founder Jo Ann Thrailkill said part of the program’s purpose is to help bring a sense of normalcy to the lives of children afflicted with cancer.

Image: Digital camera, via Shutterstock

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