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High School Officials Investigate ‘Fantasy Slut League’

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

A group of high school students at Piedmont High School in northern California are under investigation after their principal discovered they had created a “Fantasy Slut League” in which girls are recruited and boys earn points for performing various sex acts with them.  More from

Piedmont High School Principal Rich Kitchens said in a letter to parents last week that boys organized “a ‘Fantasy Slut League’ in which our female students (unbeknownst to most of them) are drafted as part of the league,” according to CNN affiliate KGO.

“Male students earn points for documented engagement in sexual activities with female students,” the principal wrote, according to KGO. “Participation often involved pressure/manipulation by older students that included alcohol to impair judgment/control and social demands to be popular.”

Kitchens, who said the school is investigating the accusations, couldn’t be immediately reached for comment Tuesday.

Piedmont Unified School District Superintendent Constance Hubbard’s office declined to release a copy of the principal’s letter.

But the superintendent is encouraging educators, parents and their teenagers to discuss how “to make good choices and to treat each other with respect and dignity,” she said in a statement Tuesday.

No criminal charges are currently being filed.

Image: Group of teenaged boys, via Shutterstock

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