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Girls’ Heroic Hike Saves Their Mom

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

A 7-year-old and 5-year-old recently ran more than two miles on an Oregon hiking trail to get help for their mother, who suffered respiratory failure after an asthma attack. Led by the family dog, the girls helped each other over tricky terrain to reach a ranger who alerted rescue personnel. Here’s the story from Yahoo! Shine:

Heather Conrad-Smith is now recovering and credits her daughters for saving her life. “It still blows me away my two girls saved my life,” Conrad-Smith told KEPR of the harrowing rescue. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today.”

It was supposed to be an effortless nature hike while on a family vacation, so the former nurse, who has asthma, decided not to bring her inhaler. She thought the pace of the hike would be easy, especially with her two young daughters, Ashleigh and Kelianne, in tow.

But on the way back from their 10-mile loop, Conrad-Smith found herself short of breath. Her husband, Steve, carried her but knew he couldn’t get her the help she desperately needed in time. Suffering from respiratory failure, which limits oxygen passing from the lungs to the bloodstream, she needed help fast, so Conrad-Smith instructed her daughters to continue ahead on the trail and run for help.

With their family dog leading the way, the two girls swiftly guided each other over fallen trees and rocks, mindful of the nearby cliff with a lake below them. “We had to walk on the rocks and I went superquick, and I didn’t even fall,” Kelianne told a KEPR reporter.

After running for 2 miles, Kelianne and Ashleigh spotted a ranger, who called for help. Firefighters quickly rescued Heather, thanks to precise location details from Conrad-Smith’s daughters.

Image: Child hiking on fallen tree, via Shutterstock

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Town Rallies Around Girl Scouts After Cookie Hoax

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

A Girl Scout troop in Oregon had its excitement crushed after a $24,000 cookie order was proved to be a hoax.  But the girls were not alone, as their town rallied to their aid and helped them recover some of the money they had planned to use to pay for summer camp and other activities.  More from NBC News:

The prank began when a troop parent was approached by a co-worker with a corporate order, on behalf of a family member’s company, for 6,000 boxes of the famous seasonal cookies.

Sarah Miller, director of communications at Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington, told that orders that large are rare, but do occasionally happen. Some councils, for example, have supplied airlines with cookies as treats for passengers.

For the scouts, who are between the ages of 7 and 14, the $24,000 sale wildly surpassed the goals they set for the season. The troops would have made $4,200 and some of the proceeds were earmarked to help pay for summer camp and troop projects, including assistance for a Portland-area homeless shelter. When the co-worker revealed the order was a joke, it temporarily dashed the girls’ dreams.

“They had their hearts broken,” Miller said. “We wanted to try and help these girls sell what they thought they had and achieve the goals they thought they achieved.”

So a Portland Girl Scouts office opened its doors and the troops began selling the cookies last Saturday. Customers waited in line in the parking lot and by day’s end had paid for 4,000 boxes of cookies, including Samoas, Thin Mints and Do-si-dos.

“I think (the support) is because people really care about children and want to make it right for them that this crummy thing happened,” said Miller, who stressed that the troops wouldn’t have been saddled with a bill.

Offers have also poured in from around the world thanks to media reports about the hoax. Miller said they have received more than 800 emails from people who want to purchase cookies or donate to the troops. That includes requests from service members writing from as far away as Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Image: Girl Scout sash, via Shutterstock

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