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Elmo, of ‘Sesame Street’ Fame, Explains Sandy to Kids

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

The beloved children’s character Elmo–a Sesame Street Muppet–went on the radio in New York City this morning to talk directly to children who were feeling unsettled and frightened in the wake of the superstorm Sandy, which had particularly damaging effects on the city and surrounding areas. From NBC (the Elmo segment is linked to from the NBC page):

On Tuesday morning, “Sesame Street’s” Elmo visited Brian Lehrer’s WNYC’s radio show and spoke directly to his young audience. And as it turns out, the Muppet is a hurricane pro, having been through a scary storm on “Sesame Street” in the past.

Well, the wind started blowing really bad, and we had to put tape on windows and stuff,” he explained of the episode. He even had to help his pal Big Bird put his nest back together after the storm destroyed it.

Joining Elmo and host Lehrer was Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, the vice president of education and research for Sesame Workshop. She explained that the episode was created long before Sandy or even Hurricane Katrina. It was meant to help parents if their kids should ever face a similar storm.

“‘Sesame Street’ is based on a whole child curriculum, and so we focus not only on the cognitive skills, but social and emotional skills of children,” Truglio said. “We wanted to have a community show like this where we could model for parents tips — so that we could model how you prepare for a storm and how you get through the storm with activities … and keeping your child calm and safe.”

As for Elmo, he took a question from a fan who wanted to know if he was scared on Monday night, as Hurricane Sandy hit his hometown.

“Yeah, but Elmo was with his mommy and daddy, so Elmo asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about what was happening,” he assured.

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‘Sesame Street’ to Air Special on Childhood Hunger

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Lily, a new Sesame Street character whose family uses a food pantry.

The PBS children’s program Sesame Street will air a special October 9 devoted to raising awareness of childhood hunger, a problem that affects as many as 16 million American children.  The show hopes to educate families about ways they can help alleviate hunger, from growing a vegetable garden to volunteering at a food pantry to organizing a food drive.  A new Muppet, Lily, is also introduced to the show, revealing to Elmo that she and her family sometimes visit the food pantry.

“What’s still missing is that we’re not seeing the face of hunger up close,” Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Street’s Senior Vice President for Outreach and Educational Practices told NPR, which reports:

The show doesn’t rely on the Muppets alone. Four documentary vignettes comprise a good chunk of the special and feature kids who’ve experienced hunger directly. In one of them, Josie, 7, says that when her father wasn’t working, there was no money for snacks at school.

“So what I would do is just drink some water from the fountain,” she says, “until my stomach’s full of water,” she says.

The special airs October 9 on PBS.

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