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Special Report: PNN at the Sandbox Summit

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Over the next few days, you’ll notice some different types of posts here at PNN.  Your intrepid blogger will be attending the Sandbox Summit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to hear what psychologists, educators, and entrepreneurs have to say about this question:  What is the relationship between technology and play?

The Summit’s website describes its mission: “Play is how kids learn. Technology is an enticement.  By creating a forum for conversation around play and technology, Sandbox Summit strives to ensure that the next generation of players becomes active innovators, rather than passive users, of technology.”

Stay tuned for what I anticipate will be fascinating insights, research, and ideas from the experts at the Summit, as well as some tidbits and sneak peaks of the newest, coolest techno toys around.

Ready to play?  I sure am!

Image: Play button, via Shutterstock.

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MIT Announces Major Autism Research Center

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The neuroscience behind autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which affect an estimated 1 in 110 American children, will be the focus of a $26.5 million research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The Boston Globe reports that the Simons Center for the Social Brain will conduct research around social behaviors, especially including the behaviors that are associated with ASD.  According to the Globe:

The new center will focus on four main areas. One program will identify the genes involved in the disorder, while another will develop models that can help scientists understand the biology and mechanisms that underlie the complicated set of symptoms. Other researchers will try to unravel the connection between behaviors and the brain, and the final program will focus on the translation of research findings into tools, therapies, and technologies that could help patients.


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