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Kids of Military Personnel Face Elevated Emotional Risk

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

The children of parents on active military duty are vulnerable to long-term emotional strain, according to a new study from a research nonprofit called Child Trends.  As many as a half million American children face the elevated risk for emotional problems, particularly anxiety issues.  Further, if parents return from active duty with mental health struggles of their own, children face additional risk.  The Huffington Post has more:

David Murphey, the author of Child Trend’s study “Home Front Alert: The Risks Facing Young Children in Military Families,” told the Washington Post that this particular group of children is facing emotional obstacles that could develop into more serious long-term issues.

“We’re concerned that children exposed to stressful events, particularly traumatic stressful events, will have difficulty learning to cope with emotions, to do well socially and academically, and even have problems with their physical health,” he said. “As these younger children grow up, we can expect there will be at least a subset of them that will face very substantial problems.”

Murphey explains the delicate nature of these young children’s mental development in a recent Child Trends video.

“It could be the accumulation of those stresses as well as a single overwhelming stress that can lead to really lasting changes in the developing brain that can have negative implications for development further down the line,” he said.

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Single Mom Protests Dismissal from Air Force

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Rebecca Edmonds, a Wisconsin woman who was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Air Force after receiving an ROTC scholarship to Marquette University, is challenging the military’s decision to dismiss her and revoke her scholarship following the discovery, just before her commissioning, that she was pregnant.  The Air Force has a policy forbidding single parents from enlisting or becoming commissioned officers.  From CNN:

The reason for the policy, according to Air Force officials, is that the demands of deployment and military service put strain on family life and even more so for single parents.

The Air Force accused Edmonds of committing fraud, ejected her from its ranks and revoked her $92,000 scholarship. Her case is currently under review.

Edmonds’ mother, Karen, a military wife for 25 years, said deployments are tough on all service members and their families, married or not. If her daughter were to deploy, Karen Edmonds said, her grandson would be well cared for by an extended family that includes the child’s father and both sets of grandparents.

Edmonds’ mother said she believes the policy discriminates against single women and encourages pregnant single women to abort their pregnancies.

“The Air Force is making an assumption that single parents cannot provide adequately for their children if deployed,” Edmonds’ mother said. “That’s what burns me up.”

Image: Air Force uniform, via Shutterstock

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