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Vice President Joe Biden Addresses Gun Safety Questions in Facebook Town Hall With Parents Magazine

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Executive Editor Michael Kress this afternoon to answer questions from Facebook users on gun safety.

In the half-hour long chat, Biden addressed questions regarding Second Amendment rights, ownership of assault weapons, gun crime, and reducing gun violence.

Biden mentioned it was not his goal to eradicate guns or gun ownership rights — he himself owns two shotguns, he said — but to ensure that universal background checks are enforced.

He believes that gun owners should take care of them responsibly, as well as teach their children the consequences of gun violence.


Watch the full discussion with Vice President Biden:

Image: Vice President Joe Biden via Jason and Bonnie Grower/Shutterstock

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Parents to Interview Joe Biden on Gun Violence: What Would You Ask?

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Parents Magazine is going to host a town hall-style interview with Vice President Joe Biden on the subject of how to reduce gun violence in America — and you have a chance to submit a question! Here are the details:

The interview will be conducted by’s executive editor, Michael Kress, at the White House on Tuesday, February 19 at 3:30 Eastern time. On that date, you can watch live streaming video of the interview on the Parents Magazine Facebook page.

Meanwhile, if you have a question you think the Vice President should answer, please submit it to the discussion thread on the Parents Facebook page that’s dedicated to the Joe Biden interview.

The more questions we get about how gun violence affects families, the richer the town hall will be. Please submit your questions, and watch online on the 19th!

Image: Vice President Joe Biden, via Jason and Bonnie Grower /

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