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Mom Saves Twins by Making Herself a ‘Speed Bump’

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

A Massachusetts mother saved her 2-year-old twin daughters as they, buckled inside a closed car, rolled toward an open road.  Mindy Tran, the 22-year-old mother, acted quickly by making herself a “speed bump,” lying down to block the car’s progress.  “I don’t consider myself a hero,” she told reporters, “I am just a mother.” More from ABC News:

Tran says she is lucky to be alive after she lay on the ground behind her Honda Accord to stop it from rolling into the street with her kids still inside. “I laid down horizontally, using my body as a speed bump to stop the car,” she said.

Her 2-year-old daughters were buckled in the back seat when the car started rolling. A neighbor also came to help.

“My neighbor jumped in and he asked what I wanted them to do,” she said. “I said make sure my daughter’s got out of the car safely.”

Her neighbor was able to get the girls out and they were uninjured, she added. “My daughters and I are all right and keeping our heads up,” she said. “I’m lucky to be alive.”

There was no damage to the car, Lawrence Fire Department Chief John Marsh said. “Firefighters responded to the apartment and they stabilized the car with wooden blocks and then used an airbag to lift the car off Tran,” he said, adding that she was eventually airlifted to a Boston-area hospital.

“We’ve seen something like this before,” he said. “It is an unfortunate accident and somehow her car wasn’t in gear.”

Tran says she cannot walk and will have surgery in the coming days, along with physical therapy. “I crushed my knee, injured my hips and dislocated a shoulder,” she said.

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Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake
Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake
Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake

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Man Saves Baby’s Life with Turkey Baster

Monday, June 17th, 2013

A five-month-old baby girl was in dire condition and unable to breathe when a Good Samaritan who overheard her babysitters’ panic rushed in and saved the baby’s life, clearing her nasal passages with a turkey baster.  More from Yahoo! News:

Local station reports that 5-month-old Nessa Shoup of Ludington, Mich., was having trouble breathing while under the care of two baby sitters. One of them called 911.

Bill Hogenson happened to be working nearby and overheard the conversation. He ran into the house and found the baby, who was turning blue and appeared unable to breathe.

Hogenson peformed CPR on Nessa, but the baby continued to struggle.

He told KSN:

“I went into the drawer and found a turkey baster and used the turkey baster to clear her nasal passage and her airway,” Hogenson described.

He patted her on the back, spun her around and saw a good sign.

“She smiled at me, and I knew we were going to be in the good,” Hogenson said.

Nessa’s father, Shawn Gasciogne, told KSN, “If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have this beautiful baby here right now and we are forever grateful.”

Image: Turkey baster, via Shutterstock

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Man Saves Newborn’s Life with CPR

Friday, March 29th, 2013

A 21-year-old Michigan man is being hailed as a Good Samaritan after he saved the life of a 3 lb. 8 oz. girl who was born on the side of the road.  More from

The story comes from, which spoke with Ryan Cornelissen about his unexpected heroics. He said he’d been on his way to the bank when he saw a man attempting to flag him down. Cornelissen pulled over and learned that the man’s wife had just had a baby, and that the newborn was having trouble breathing. The couple had been on their way to the hospital to have the baby, but had run out of time.

“The mom was sitting in the front seat, she had a blanket, and all I saw was the top of the baby’s head,” Cornelissen said. Neither parent spoke English very well, so Cornelissen called 911 for them. The dispatcher explained how to perform CPR on the newborn.

“Tilt its head back just a little, but not too much, OK? … You’re going to cover the baby’s nose and mouth with your mouth,” the dispatcher said.

After several attempts, the baby, born two months early, began breathing. “Oh, yes! The baby is whimpering,” Cornelissen told the dispatcher. “She’s breathing!”

He recalled, “I remember the baby’s face. I will never forget. It was awesome.”

Image: Man driving car, via Shutterstock

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9-Year-Old to Protesters: ‘God Hates No One’

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Nine-year-old  Josef Miles has inspired his family–and caught the media’s attention–by taking on a group of controversial protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, who demonstrate at military funerals displaying signs that use an expletive for homosexuals with the words “God Hates ___.” reports:

“Josef was determined to make his own statement so we went to the car and with pencil and his sketch pad, he made up his own little sign that reads ‘GOD HATES NO ONE,’ ” his mom wrote. “Those people are scary but he stood strong, was respectful and stood by his convictions. He will be a good man, I have no doubt. I got my Mothers Day present early.”

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CNN’s ‘Hero of the Year’ Helps Pregnant Women

Monday, December 12th, 2011

CNN has named its “Hero of the Year,” and the winner is an American midwife who has helped thousands of impoverished Indonesian women have healthy pregnancies and births.

“Mother Robin,” as Robin Lim is called by the locals, offers free prenatal care, birthing services, and medical aid to women who could otherwise not afford such care.   Lim’s work is motivated by the staggeringly high maternal and infant mortality rate in Indonesia.


“Every baby’s first breath on Earth could be one of peace and love. Every mother should be healthy and strong. Every birth could be safe and loving. But our world is not there yet,” Lim said during “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute,” which took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and recognized Lim and the other top 10 CNN Heroes of 2011.

Many women in the developing world do not have access to contraception or maternal care. According to the United Nations Population Fund, three out of five women giving birth in South Asia do so without a skilled birth attendant on hand.

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