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Mom Jumps from Burning Building, Saves Toddler’s Life

Friday, May 16th, 2014

A Massachusetts woman is being hailed as a hero after she jumped from her burning apartment building and saved her 18-month-old son’s life.  The Huffington Post has more:

[Christina] Simoes first noticed smoke while lying in bed with her son, Cameron. Then she saw the flames less than 10 feet away. Realizing they were trapped in the apartment, she ran to the window and jumped three stories with the toddler, according to ABC News. She cushioned him from the fall by holding him tightly in her arms.

“I just knew we were either going to die or we were going to get out of there,” Simoes told ABC.

Once they hit the ground, she told her son to run as debris fell around them.

While Cameron remained unscathed, his mom suffered a serious vertebrae injury and is currently unable to walk. She told CBS that she might not be able to walk again.

Still, she didn’t regret the decision to jump. “All I was thinking about was getting him out of there. He mattered way more than I did,” she said.

Simoes needed surgery and faced 10 days in the hospital before entering rehab.

But with the story of her selfless act spreading, she may receive help with the medical bills. Jessica Mortensen, a friend of Simoes, created a GoFundMe crowd-sourcing page to pay expenses for the brave mom.

Image: Smoke and fire, via Shutterstock

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Mom Covers School Lunch Fees for High School Class

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

A Michigan mom whose son was allegedly denied a school lunch because his account was empty decided to pay the outstanding balances on the accounts of each and every student in the high school to spare others the embarrassment her son suffered.  Headline News has more:

“I realize I didn’t have to do that but I don’t want another kid going through what my son went through,” Amanda Keown told CNN affiliate WBND.

The total amount she had to fork over was less than $100 — a price she said was totally worth it to save other students from going through what her son, Dominic Gant, experienced.

“It was really embarrassing, especially in front of the whole class,” Gant told WBND. The junior said his lunch was taken away by school officials right after it was served to him, all because he had an outstanding balance of less than $5 in his account.

HLN has reached out to Dowagiac Union Schools but has yet to receive a comment. The principal of Dowagiac Union High School spoke to WBND and said that the teen shouldn’t have gone hungry.

“There’s no reason why a student should ever go without lunch, even if they have overdrawn their account. They can seek out one of the adults in the lunchroom and ask for permission to charge for another day,” Pieter Hoekstra said.

Hoekstra explained that a private contractor runs the lunch program so there isn’t much flexibility with payments because if the accounts go unpaid, the school is left holding the bill. He also said that the school regularly communicates with parents about the balances left on their kids’ lunch accounts.

Image: Cafeteria hot lunch, via Shutterstock

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Baby Delivered by 8-Year-Old Girl

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Jazmine McEnaney, an 8-year-old Florida girl, helped deliver her baby brother when her mother went into rapid labor at home.  More from ABC Action News:

Joseph James Snyder began arriving as [mother] Krystle went into the bathroom to get ready for work.
“I was in the bathroom and my water broke and I yelled for her… ‘Jazmine grab the cordless phone. Dial 911,’” she said.
Jazmine McEnaney called for help at 7:02 a.m. She told the 911 operator, “My mom is pregnant and her water just broke. She is in so much pain.”
Krystle said she was frantic in that moment.
“Even if I called somebody, they are not going to come quick enough,” she said.  “It happened so fast.”
Her baby was two weeks early. All five pounds 10 ounces of little Joseph couldn’t wait.
The operator guided Jazmine in how to help deliver the child. Just 13 minutes after that 911 call started, and before paramedics could arrive, Joseph made his appearance.
The 911 operator asked, “Is your mom pushing or straining yet?”
“Um, mommy are you pushing or straining?” Jazmine asked.
From the background Krystle screamed, “Yes! Yes!”
Talking about what the 911 operator asked Jazmine to do, she told us, “It was like, kind of hard.”
Krystle held the phone as Jazmine worked to deliver Joseph. On the 911 call, Krystle told her, “Come here. Hold the baby’s head please. Hold the baby’s head please Jazmine.”
Krystle says, “She definitely stayed calm when she needed to. I was hysterical.”
Big sister helped her little brother into the world. To that Krystle says, “She did a very good job. I am proud of you.”
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Family Dog Keeps Missing Child Safe

Monday, May 12th, 2014

A 3-year-old dog came to the rescue of a boy of the same age this week in a remarkable story out of North Dakota.  More from Valley News Live:

A three-year-old boy is home safe after a seven-hour search and a happy ending. When rescuers had nearly given up, the family pet held on.

Carson Urness and his golden retriever/german shepherd mix went missing from the Cooperstown, North Dakota family farm around 7:30 Monday night. Between a three-year-old boy and a three-year-old dog, Carson’s mom, Courtney, rarely hears silence on the farm. But, it was a silence so awful she had to call for help.

Courtney says about 200 people showed up from surrounding areas more than 20 miles away to help with the search for Carson and Cooper, the dog.

“ATVs, horses, and more footwalkers showed up,” Sheriff Robert Hook said of the volunteers from nearby law enforcement. “Even the neighbors, business owners and bankers. They just came out and thought they needed to help.”

Combing about 2,000 acres of land, aircraft scanned overhead, horses took to the pastures, but there was no sign of the boy and the dog.”As the night went on, there got to be a little more moisture in the air and at about 2:00 in the morning the rain was coming down and we were at the point to send the footwalkers home. There was nothing more for them to do,” Hook said.

Parents, Courtney and Brock, were heartbroken at the thought of calling the search off. Right as search crews thought they were about to give up, they found out someone else wasn’t going to.

“Pat (one volunteer) went over the hill and shot his headlights and Cooper stood up just enough to let him know he was there,” Courtney said with tears in her eyes.

A mile from home, Cooper refused to leave Carson’s side. While hundreds searched for them, Carson lay underneath his dog, as Cooper kept the boy dry and warm.

An ATV picked Carson up and Cooper followed the machine all the way back to the house.

“The dog and him are buddies,” Hook said. “They got themselves in a little bit of trouble last night.”

Learn how you can keep your toddler safe at home with our easy-to-follow guidelines.

Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners
Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners
Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners

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Boy Uses Saved Money to Help Others

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Hector Montoya, a 9-year-old Texas boy, was saving his money to buy a long-desired PlayStation 4 video game console when tragedy struck his town in the form of a fire that claimed the lives of a mother and her daughter.  So Montoya decided to use his money to buy smoke detectors for families in his community that didn’t have them, as The Huffington Post reports:

Hector Montoya, 9, from Grand Prairie was saving up for a PlayStation 4 video game console. However, after hearing about a deadly fire that claimed the lives of a mother and daughter nearby, he decided to spend his money on buying smoke detectors for houses in his community that didn’t have them, CNN reported.

“It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire,” Hector told the outlet.

He’d saved $300, and with it he was able to buy 100 smoke detectors which the local fire department installed last weekend, NBC 5 DFW reported.

“Saving a life is more important,” Hector told the outlet.

The inspiring kid was planning to save up again for the game console, but now he won’t have to.

After word of his good deed was spread on the local news, strangers decided to reward the selfless kid with the PS4 he had originally intended to buy, and also to donate an additional $100 for more smoke alarms, CNN reported.

In addition to fire alarms, download our free fire safety guide for more important tips.

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Manners & Responsibility:  Should You Tie Allowance to Chores?
Manners & Responsibility: Should You Tie Allowance to Chores?

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