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Thanks, Erin!

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Having Erin O’Donnell cover my blog while I was away on vacation was a treat in many ways.  Primarily, of course, leaving the blog in her skilled hands allowed me to rest fully into vacation mode.  But another benefit was that it gave me the chance to experience my own blog as you do – as a reader.  I am so grateful to Erin for the opportunity she gave me to see the blog through fresh eyes, and to learn about important parenting news stories that affect us all.

In case you missed these, here are some of Erin’s posts that I found most provocative and informative.

Thank you again, Erin, for bringing such quality items to PNN!

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Welcome to Guest Blogger Erin O’Donnell!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Dear readers, I’ll be off for the next two weeks, introducing my son to the wonders of sea and sand (hurricane permitting….).  But I leave you in the skilled hands of guest blogger Erin O’Donnell, who I am proud to say is a friend, colleague, and even a former neighbor.

Erin is a talented writer who covers topics including health, wellness, and parenting for magazines such as WebMD, the Boston Globe Magazine, Harvard Magazine, and Boy’s Life. She’s a former editor of Natural Health magazine. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and two supremely adorable little boys.

Happy end-of-summer/back-to-school/etc to you all, and I’ll look forward to reconnecting in September.

Take it away, Erin!

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