C-Sections May Have No Health Advantage for Twin Births

Twins need not be born by Cesarean section as a matter of routine, a new study conducted by Canadian researchers has found.  The New York Times reports:

Researchers randomly assigned 2,800 mothers carrying healthy twins to either a planned C-section or a planned vaginal delivery. There was no difference in outcome between the two groups. There were serious medical problems, like bone fracture or abnormal levels of consciousness, in 36 babies delivered by C-section and 35 delivered vaginally. Twenty-one babies delivered by C-section died, as did 17 delivered vaginally.

Mothers fared equally well in each group, with serious health problems in 7.3 percent of the C-section mothers and in 8.5 percent of the vaginal delivery group.

Image: Twin babies, via Shutterstock

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