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Coffee During Pregnancy Not Linked with Childhood Hyperactivity

Coffee During Pregnancy Not Linked with Childhood Hyperactivity 29767
Women who consume modest amounts of coffee while pregnant are not putting their children at risk for later hyperactivity issues due to the beverage's caffeine content, a new Australian study has found.  The Huffington Post reports:

Participants in the study (3,400 mothers) were asked how much coffee they consumed during pregnancy. When their children turned 5 or 6, the same women filled out questionnaires about their kids' behavioral health -– teachers completed an identical survey. The authors concluded that mothers who drank caffeine during pregnancy did not put their kids at risk for "hyperactivity/inattention problems, emotional symptoms, conduct problems, peer relationship problems, overall problem behavior, or suboptimal prosocial behavior."

This study follows a study published in the journal Pediatrics last April, which concluded that coffee intake during pregnancy does not lead to colic in infants.

Image: Pregnant woman drinking coffee, via Shutterstock


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