Pink-Haired 6th Grader Allowed Back to School

Brianna Moore, a 6th grade honor student at a Delaware middle school, was allowed to return to school today after being suspended because she had dyed her hair pink.  USA Today reports:

The Christina School District had barred Brianna Moore from classes at Shue-Medill Middle School near Newark last week because, officials said, her hair violated the school’s rules against unnatural and “excessive” colors.

School policy, according to its website, allows only “natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn.”

The change of heart was noted in an e-mail from the attorney for the school district to the ACLU of Delaware, which had taken up the case.

“We’re on our way back to school now,” said her father, Kevin Moore. “That was our whole point.”

Moore said he had allowed his daughter to dye her hair pink as an incentive for improving her grades, which she did.

Image: Pink hair dryer, via Shutterstock.

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  1. by Everyday Gal

    On March 21, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I think that is ridiculous. Parents should not provide a reward that breaks school policy and then haggle about it. It is regretful that the ISD had to cater to this.