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New Book ‘My Bad Parent’ Proves That Some Parents are Truly Awful

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

If you’ve ever felt like a Really Bad Parent, fret no longer. The people in the new book My Bad Parent, will beat you for Worst Parent of the Year. Hands down. No questions asked. Done deal. Author Troy Osinoff, creator of the website My Bad Parent, just released a book of photos and commentary on adults doing things with their children that the cops should probably know about.

I have to admit, I laughed (only a tiny bit). And, OF COURSE, I was totally appalled. This book–with photos of baby twins next to a pole dancer and a baby in a car seat strapped into the trunk of a hatchback–is not for everyone. But I tore through it, cackling silently. And I felt so much better about myself. I mean, I would never drape a boa constrictor on top of my 6-month-old just for a photo opp. I had to read it twice to decipher if these misjudged photos were real. Sadly, yes they are.

Here’s what Troy had to say about the insane parents that inspired him to write this irreverent, politically incorrect, crack-you-up book.

KK: What made you decide to write My Bad Parent?

I was sitting in a McDonald’s chowing down on my McSadburger like any self-disrespecting American when I saw something I had never seen before: a human child on a pet leash. He looked to be five years old. The mother and father were eating their McDepressionwiches and slurping on a couple of high-fructose Misery Colas while the kid played around the table legs. The kid ended up a tangled mass of leash and limbs.

Turns out child leashes are common. Also common but not normal are babies duct-taped to the wall, parents holding their kids by one leg like a sack of potatoes, whole gaggles of offspring peeking out of buckets strapped to both sides of motor scooters, and other ingenious child-holding measures.

I launched the website to showcase these questionable parenting practices. My readership started offering me exclusive photos of kids blithely going along with whatever their clueless parents were doing. Some famous people started plugging the site, the readership count skyrocketed, and the rest is history.

So really, a fast food restaurant was the momentous genesis of My Bad Parent.

KK: What is the scariest parenting incident you have seen with your own eyes?

What is the scariest parenting incident I have seen? The leash thing can be seen as pretty scary, if you consider the fact that the kid was basically being treated like a dog.

Outside of that, I’ve personally witnessed nothing major. The available photographic evidence is harrowing enough and gives you plenty of the sense of being there. I’ve seen a photo of smiling Dad letting Junior grab a fence clearly marked “High Voltage.” The electricity must have been off that day.

KK: Are you a parent yourself? Does any of this scare you?

I am not a parent myself. I like to think this gives me more objectivity to write a book about bad parenting. Either that or I’m young and clueless and have no right to judge anyone. Not that I judge. I just point and laugh. Is that the same thing?

Does any of this scare me? Actually, it makes me feel even more secure in my potential ability to maybe one day raise a child. Looking at these photos, I’m certain I can do better than that. We’re all a little twisted.

KK: Were there any images you felt like you couldn’t put into the book because they were so outrageous?

Some photos were definitely too outrageous to put into the book. Sad, actually. There are plenty of photos of pregnant women drinking alcohol and fathers doing drugs in front of their kids. We had to turn down hundreds of photos for crossing the line from questionable or humorous into the realm of downright pathetic.

Granted, it’s subjective. One man’s hilarious is another man’s sad. I hope most folks will get a kick out of the photo selections. I figure you’ll either love it or hate it. Mostly I figure you’ll love it, though.

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