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5-Second Book Review: Breeding in Captivity by Stacy Bolt

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Looking for a good momoir? I have one for you. This one chronicles one cynical woman’s path of infertility. Spoiler alert: It has a peachy keen ending.

5-Second Book Review–here I go:

If you or a friend has lived with fertility issues, check out the new memoir, Breeding in Captivity: One Woman’s Unusual Path to Motherhood. Author Stacy Bolt skips the usual trappings of sentimentality and conviction. Instead, her bold and candid writing guides the reader through the disappointment and agony of trying to have a baby with no luck. Her dark sense of humor keeps her going through failed prescriptions, IUI treatments, endometrial surgery and adoptions. She’s so relatable because she’s never sure what she should do next. In the end—with support from her great husband and friends—she finally gets what she’s looking for. She provides solace to women who are struggling and lets everyone else know exactly what it’s like.


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