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Kid Lit: Pinkalicious’ New Book Color Revealed!

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Want to know the color of the new Pinkalicious book? Well, we have the answer here first! Pinkalicious herself, AKA author/illustrator Victoria Kann, gave an exclusive reveal from the cute contest they just wrapped up. And Victoria answered a few of my most pressing questions, too.

The new book title, color included, will be…

Drum roll, please.

Aqualicious! Check out the early cover art at left, too. Keep reading and Victoria will tell you all about it.

KK: Can you give us a hint about what the new book will be about?
VK: Aqualicious has been so much fun to work on! The Pinkertons spend a day at the beach. While they are there Pinkalicious collects seashells. Something wonderful happens when she finds a unique shell that has a little creature sleeping inside. Can you guess who she might meet and get to spend the entire day with? A merminnie! Oh, you say you have never heard of a merminnie? You’ll love finding out! It’s a day that we all wish we could experience. I am so excited about this book. It will be out in a little less than a year. I can’t wait for you to read it! Let me know what you think on my Facebook page.

KK: Why do you think children are so drawn to your books?
VK: Children of all ages–boys and girls, men and women–want delight and magic in their lives. The fantastical world of Pinkalicious fulfills that very human desire in us all. Plus I think children love colorful images that have depth. Many times children and their parents tell me that they enjoy looking at the script hidden in the pigeons in Purplicious, or the musical notes in the grass in Goldilicious, or the numbers hidden in the leaves of the trees. There are many details and layers to the artwork which makes it fun to stop and look. Things aren’t necessarily what they appear to be.

KK: Where do you get the best ideas?
VK: My ideas come from children, either from listening to what they say or from observing them play. In addition, when I go to book signings many of the kids tell me what color they want me to do next. Sometimes it is incredible how I will be writing a story and young reader will come up and make a suggestion for my next book and I will have written something very similar to what they have said. It really makes me laugh how in synch we are sometimes!

When I write a story I ask myself this question: “What would be the greatest thing that could ever happen?” If I think of something that makes me smile, then I know that is what I want to focus on. Writing and illustrating a book can take about two years, so I want to do something that will bring me joy as I work on it. If it brings me joy, other people might feel that way too!

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Kid Lit: Find Out the Color of the New ‘Pinkalicious’ Book Here Next Week

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Do your kids love Pinkalicious? Even my little boy does, though he won’t admit that to anyone on the school bus that takes him to kindergarten.

Pinkalicious is a sassy and sweet little girl who loves pink–and other colors. In her books, she learns a ton of life lessons, too. All of author/illustrator Victoria Kann‘s books center around a pretty shade with titles such as Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Purplelicious and Emeradalicious. 

The color and title for the next book will be revealed on this blog next Thursday, so check back. Also, there’s still time for you and your little one to enter the contest to help Victoria Kann choose. On the Next Color Sweepstakes page, you’ll also find a cute picture you can download and color.

Cute, right? Check back soon to see the color of the new book. And if your daughter colors the page, scan and email it to me. I’d love to run a few of them.

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Picture Book Alert: ‘Pinkalicious’ Author Victoria Kann Talks About Her Latest, ‘Emeraldalicious’

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

My kids–even my little boy–love Victoria Kann‘s Pinkalicious picture books. We were psyched to see the newest release in the series, Emeraldalicious, is out in bookstores now.

In Emeraldalicious, Pinkalicious and her brother Peter discover a garbage dump and a magic wand. The themes are about the environment, transformation and, of course, love. The author–also a mom–knows how to capture my children’s attention with her opinionated and spriteful characters, and her graphic collage of artwork delights them. Every page is filled with beautiful details that reach beyond the text and enhance her words. The predominance of green in her latest book is perfect for spring. And it’s definitely the best color to convey her message about taking care of the earth.

I had the chance to talk to Victoria so she could tell me about her work herself. Always clever and fun, Victoria invites kids to interact with her on Facebook and email. Read all about it below.

KK: Tell me about Emeraldalicious.
 Pinkalicious says in Emeraldalicious, “With a little love, we can make the entire world Emeraldalicious.” When you read the book with kids, ask them what they would like to create if they could transform a garbage dump into a garden and could make anything happen. Look at the illustrations and pick out objects that are now obsolete. Ask them what are some greenerrific things that they can do to make the world Emeraldalicious. Post your answers on my Pinkalicious Facebook page or email them to me, and I will share them. We can inspire each other to transform the world into an Emeraldalicious garden! THANKS!

KK: What inspired the sparkly new name?
VK: Emeralds are beautiful and sparkly and have great value, just like our earth. If we take care of our planet and protect nature, our earth will sparkle like an Emerald. It’s the same as going ‘green’ but a lot more fun! In the book, Emeraldalicious, Pinkalicious makes a wand using an unusual flower that she finds. The wand is magical and when Pinkalicious makes up a rhyme using the word ‘love’ she is able to turn the garbage dump into a beautiful, Emeraldalicious garden.

KK: What inspired you to write Emeraldalicious?
VK: KIDS! When I went on book signings many kids asked me to do a book about the environment and going green. Growing up as a kid in NYC there was a city garbage dump under the Brooklyn Bridge. It had old street signs, school desks and other various treasures. I always thought, wouldn’t it be great if it was a playground instead of a garbage dump? What if there was a merry-go-round here instead of all this trash? Someone else had the same thought because many years later the area is now called Dumbo (Down Under The Brooklyn Bridge), and there is a carousel! It really happened!!! In Emeraldalicious, I wanted to show how with a little imagination and a lot of love, something as smelly as a garbage dump could be transformed. Emeraldalicious is a story about using your imagination to create something new. If we can imagine it, we can create it. Perhaps not as quickly as Pinkalicious and Peter did in the book, but it can happen. All great things, from our national parks to the light bulb began as unique ideas.

KK: How is it the same and different as the Pinkalicious adventures in the other books?
VK: Each picture book I do is different from the others. Pinkalicious and Peter are always the main characters, but each book has a different adventure and highlights a different color, either conceptually or literally. They all have messages that children can relate to. After eating too many pink cupcakes and turning pink, Pinkalicious says, “I was me, and I was beautiful”. That is an important lesson for kids. Purplicious is about having courage and standing up for what you believe in. Goldilicious is about using your imagination. In Silverlicious, Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth and learns that sweetness comes from the inside. And Emeraldalicious is about the power of transformation and taking care of the environment. And all my Early Readers are the continuing adventures of Pinkalicious based on the concepts from the picture books. Fun things happen to Pinkalicious in the Early Readers from building a fairy house to bringing Goldie to school.

Thanks, Victoria! You have earned your spot as a New York Times #1 bestselling author and artist. Emeraldalicious is sure to be a big hit.

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