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Two Brothers; Two Picture Books: My Kids Love ‘Ten Things I Love About You’ by Daniel Kirk and ‘Oh So Tiny Bunny’ by David Kirk

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Two beautiful picture books. Two talented brothers. A sweet family love story. I heart my job!

My kids and I have been mooning over two new releases: Ten Things I Love About You and Oh So Tiny BunnyI noticed the authors names, Daniel Kirk wrote and illustrated Ten Things, and David Kirk did the same for Oh So. They are brothers, and it turned out that Daniel Kirk lives just a few miles away from us. Both are celebrated, bestselling children’s authors, too. Daniel has produced 35 pictures books including the Library Mouse series. David has done 28, including the Miss Spider series that is now the TV show Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends.

So you know their work is going to rock.

Ten Things I Love About You is a heartfelt story about the friendship of Pig and Rabbit. Rabbit is making a list–you can guess what the name of it is–about his friend Pig. Rabbit gets stuck and keeps coming back to Pig’s house to find more attributes to add. Sometimes Pig gets impatient, but Rabbit takes note that Pig is good at expressing his feelings. At the end, Rabbit is delighted to find that Pig has wrote Ten Things about Rabbit, too. Their exploration of friendship inspires my children. Read this to your little ones at night, and you will melt into a puddle of chocolate when your kids go to bed telling you all of the things they love about you.

Oh So Tiny Bunny tickles kids’ emotions, too. Oh So may be a very tiny bunny, but he has big dreams. He has visions of eating gigantic carrots and hopping over life-sized bridges. But when he entertains his visions, he never sees any other bunnies. Then the only thing that’s big is his loneliness. He wakes up to appreciate his size when another tiny bunny nibbles his year. My daughter Annabelle said, “I like it because he tries to find a friend. And all along, she was probably trying to find him, too.”

We cuddle and hug over these books–and that’s exactly what I need sometimes after watching three kids all day. Who can’t use an extra hug, a few compliments and a good snuggle? Ten Things I Love About You and Oh So Tiny Bunny can bring your family all three.

So how did two brothers go down the same path? I had to get their story. Turns out that their parents were puppeteers–Kirk’s Puppets–and the family traveled around Ohio doing shows. The boys were exposed to great story-telling. Daniel was bookish–always drawing and reading. David was more outdoorsy–always in the creek looking for frogs and turtles. They both studied art in college. Daniel started writing and illustrating books and David was a toy-maker who illustrated his own product boxes. Both of them had children, and independently, David started doing kids’ books, too. I begged them to work together on something soon. They’re toying with the idea of fictionally depicting their unique childhood. “With a family of elephants standing in for our own human family,” Daniel told me.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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