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Just In: Amazon’s Kindle Fire is Sold Out Forever

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Just a few minutes ago, Amazon’s brainiac Jeff Bezos announced that the Kindle Fire is sold out. Gone. Finished. They’ve stopped making them.

My husband has the Kindle Fire, and I think it’s heavy and slow. (He ignores me. He hoards his to play poker and read John Grisham novels.) Also, the applications for Fire are clunky compared to Apple’s offerings. Much like the iPad–and you really can’t compare the two–the Fire is impossible to read in sunlight because of its blinding glassy glare. I prefer the basic old Kindle–the one that’s gray and features a keyboard designed for Smurfs. That small, lightweight gadget is still available on Amazon for only $79. I love mine. It’s not the end of the world if I accidentally leave it on an airplane or drop it into my kid’s sand castle. And I can read it outdoors.

Back to the big news: Amazon is hosting a mystery press event this time next week. (I’m sure my invitation just got lost in the mail.) They’re expected to present a spankin’ new e-reader to sell. In the next couple of hours, I await The New York Time’s gadget guru David Pogue’s speculations on Bezo’s upcoming toy. (Someone on Twitter tweeted that Amazon should make a badass robot warrior. Brilliant idea!) Just yesterday, Pogue wrote a great article about the Amazon Prime streaming service. I bet Amazon’s new toy will attempt to seamlessly incorporate their e-reader and Prime media player.

Are you into e-readers? After trying them all over the last two years, I appreciate their slickness, their coolness. I love the highlight feature where I tag my favorite passages and read them over and over again.

But e-reader’s main competition may be a plain old paper book. Those are super-cool, too.


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