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Anne Lamott Shares Her Thoughts on Prayer in ‘Help Thanks Wow’

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Whenever I get in a mood, I turn to Anne Lamott. Every writer has read and cherished her encouraging book called Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. My copy sits less than two feet away from my laptop at all times. I need the reminder that I should just keep going–even if I suck at first. Anne’s advice rings true for any dream or profession. (Also, don’t miss Traveling Mercies.)

Anne writes candidly about her faith, son, grandson and so much more in her 10 other books. She offers insight about life, love, loss and all the usual stuff–but in her unique, unusual and beautiful way.

Today, I’m engrossed in her latest release called Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. The idea is that we pray for help, we pray to give thanks, and we pray when we’re in awe. It is that simple. She doesn’t try to define religion or God, she just asks readers to consider a Divine Being who might be running the show. I see myself in almost every page of this short book, one that breaks down our need for quiet reflection and careful blessings.

I did a happy dance last week when I had the chance to email with Anne. What a treat for me and my inbox. Read her thoughts on prayer below.

KK: Which prayer–help, thanks, wow–do you think mothers of very young children will need to use the most?

AL: Prayer was invented for parents. No one needs or deserves more spiritual support and stamina. All three prayers go around and around your mind with kids, whether babies or teenagers. Help was always my main one–I needed SO much help. And then when you come through, whether colic or rejection in grade school or rebellion, you just feel thankyouthankyouthankyou. And then every amazing development along the way–the first heartbeat, smiles, steps, friends. Wow!

KK: How is prayer most helpful for families?

AL: I think prayers of gratitude are so natural and touching. It’s great for families of every age to develop the habit of gratitude.


Does your family practice prayer?



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