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Jenny Bowen Revives Chinese Orphanages in ‘Wish You Happy Forever’

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Did you see author and world-changer Jenny Bowen on Good Morning America this morning? If so, did you get weepy like I did? Oh my goodness. That was sweet. The story goes like this: Jenny Bowen, a former documentary filmmaker, adopted a little girl from China several years ago. The girl was emotionally void–a victim of neglect and abuse at her orphanage.

Jenny simply said she wanted to do something. So she created the organization Half the Sky to improve these facilities all over the Far Eastcountry. She went against Chinese bureaucrats, and she’s still hard at work. She emphasized that if we–you or me–see something in the world that bothers us, we can get out there and do something about it. Big or small, in one house or in one country.

Her new book, Wish You Happy Forever: What China’s Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains, chronicles her journey of adoption, rehabilitating her daughter and adopting another, and her current job to work inside the Chinese government to bring a loving and caring adult into the life of each orphan. This is a book to uplift you and reaffirm your faith in humanity. Pick it up!


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Half the Sky: Check It Out on PBS Tonight

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Last night, the humanitarian journalist Nicholas Kristoff‘s name kept showing up on my Facebook feed. Kristoff’s new documentary movie Half the Sky, which is based on his bestselling book, was about to air at 9 p.m. on PBS. I turned on my TV just in time to catch Part One, and I cried until the program ended.

You can see the second part tonight–and check out the movie trailer after the jump. In the film, Kristoff and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, take celebrities like George Clooney, Eva Mendes and Meg Ryan to Somaliland, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sierra Leone. There they meet real women who have been raped, sold, maimed, beaten and more. According to the authors, women and girls endure more human rights tragedies than any other group. Kristoff and WuDunn work and write tirelessly to make a difference. They push for change. They want the violence to stop.

The stories devastated me. I just wanted to do something. I wanted to punish the rapists and the unsupportive fathers and the men who ran the brothels. We are so lucky in our country–we can press charges; convictions happen. We live in a society that values women. The bad men in Half the Sky treated females like abused animals.

Feeling helpless, I looked up what I can do. Through the nonprofit organization called Half the Sky Movement, I can donate and send packages directly to the females in the film–and to others who need relief. The film isn’t suitable for young kids, but I can tell my little ones an age appropriate version of what’s happening. We will start a family project to help these girls and women who are hurt, destitute and in so much need.

Part Two airs from 9 to 11 p.m. EST tonight on PBS. I can’t not watch it. I will get out my tissues–and probably my checkbook, too. (more…)

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