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Great New Book, ‘To The End of June,’ Explores America’s Foster Care System

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

In a fascinating new book called To the End of June, author Cris Beam explores the intricacies of America’s foster care system. She shares heartfelt stories of real kids journeys woven in with solid research and insight. Our country has more than 400,000 foster kids today–and they’re in every city and school. Yet, the average person doesn’t know much about them or what they go through.

Cris hopes to inform us all–and thereby improve–childrens’ lives. Read my Q&A with this amazing author below. Cris left her own home at age 14 and never saw her mentally disabled mother again. Later, as a grown woman and educator, she adopted a transgender foster kid who was getting lost in the system. She pores her soul into her acclaimed, must-read release.

KK: In three sentences, what is your book about?
To the End of June reads like a novel as it closely follows a few foster families over the course of five years as they navigate their way through child welfare. These families love their kids and want to do what’s best for them, so through their journey, we can more easily see the problems and potential in child welfare overall. When the families encounter particular issues endemic to foster care (running away, birth family reunions, intersections with juvenile justice, etc.), the book pans back into some child welfare history and research, but always sticks closely to the individual characters and stories themselves. (more…)

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