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Kristin Hannah’s Newest Book ‘Fly Away’ Hits Stores Today–Check Out Her Q&A

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Did you love Kristin Hannah‘s novel Firefly Lane? Or maybe you adored one of her other 12 books. If so, you’re in luck today. Her newest called Fly Away hits stores. The bestselling author brings back the characters you know and love in this book that centers around Tully–and how she deals with loss, commitments and love.

Kristin answered some questions about writing and motherhood. Her own friendships inspire her to write about them with skill and purpose. Read more from this prolific and beloved author below:

KK: What’s one thing you want fans to know on why they should read Fly Away?
KH: I hope readers enjoy the journey of this book and are reminded about how important it is to be there for the people we love.

KK: Did you have fun revisiting the characters from Firefly Lane?
I don’t know that fun is the right word. I felt a real burden with this novel to not let my readers down. Firefly Lane was such a special novel to so many people. I wanted to write a story that lived up to their expectations and still surprised them.

KK: You write about your hometown Seattle/Bainbridge often, do you find that a majority of your inspiration comes from there? 

KH: Absolutely. I love the Pacific Northwest and want to share that passion with my readers.

KK: You’re known for writing about your mother/daughter and girlfriend relationships. Can you share one of your favorite girlfriend memories?
I have so many fabulous memories of great times with my girlfriends. Probably the best of them begin with two of us sitting on a beach, just talking. And laughing. We always laugh.

KK: You have a son. Can you tell me more about him and your relationship?
Motherhood is the most important facet of my life. I really just love being a mom…even when it’s hard, and we all know how tough it can be. Now I’m in the empty nest phase of motherhood and learning how to be mom from a distance. I love watching my son come into his own.

KK: What inspires you to write so many great books?
KH: I am endlessly fascinated with the moments and issues that shape our lives, and I love writing. I am so fortunate to have the ability to do this every day.

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