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YA Friday: Mom Jennifer Moses Publishes Her First Book–About Fashion!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Jennifer Anne Moses made her dream come true: She just published her first teen novel, Tales from My Closet, with Scholastic. She’s psyched! It got her back into work mode after spending some time at home with her kids. It also got her back into her favorite passion: fashion!

Check out how this mom feels about her new writing life and making this dream come true:

“When my first child, Sam, was born, I quit my job as a magazine editor in order to stay home with him. Or at least that’s what I told people. After all, what better reason to leave what appeared to be a fast-track and even glamorous job than a newborn? But the truth was that I’d never wanted to be a magazine editor, or any kind of editor, or even have a regular career. Thus Sam became just the excuse I needed to stay home to do what I’d really wanted to do the entire time—write.

It wasn’t easy, of course, and I missed going to the office, and not just because staying home with one, and then three, children is a hell of a lot harder than meeting deadlines or sitting in on sometimes-fractious meetings. I missed workaday camaraderie, too–is there anything more isolating than being the exhausted mother of a colicky infant or tantruming toddler?—but mainly, I missed dressing up to go to work.

I’ve always loved clothes, and fashion, so while the freedom of wearing a daily uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt (in winter) and shorts and a t-shirt (in summer) had its upside, I found myself daydreaming about the day when I might resume the kind of life that would give me an opportunity to strut my stuff again.

It was terribly frustrating, trying to carve a little time out for my work while caring for little ones, but as they grew, the time I had to write grew too. And in between, and pretty much every day, all hell broke loose: dirty dishes, tummy aches, endless diapers, groceries, bills. In other words, the normal messiness of family life. I stayed on top of it as best I could and, in the meantime, comforted myself with the sure knowledge that a crew from House Beautiful wouldn’t be dropping over any time soon for a surprise shoot.

So when my young adult novel, Tales From My Closet, was born, I felt that I’d come full circle. It had been years since my very first job, at a fashion magazine in New York, where the first requirement for being hired was that you looked, well, fashionable, but now I’d created a cast of characters whose individuality revolves around their own, unique sense of style. These five teenagers took up residence in my brain and began to tell me all about themselves, their hopes and dreams, their fears and failures, and most of all, about what they loved to wear!  Sometimes I think that it’s a good thing they’ll never meet me, because surely the first thing they’d do was haul me off to the mall for a complete wardrobe makeover. In the meantime, I’m gratified that real-live teenage girls are eating the book up–and that my own daughter, Rose, says that there’s hope for me in the fashion department after all.”

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