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Author Dallas Clayton Writes a Terrific Kid’s Book for Adults: ‘It’s Never Too Late’

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Author and illustrator Dallas Clayton might be best known for his sweet and inspirational children’s books such as Make Magic! Do Good! and An Awesome Book of Love! 

But this playful and creative guy thinks adults need kid’s books, too. I totally agree. Where are our pretty pictures, perfect rhymes and straightforward messages? They are in his latest work called It’s Never Too Late: A Kid’s Book for AdultsThis fast and fun read brightened my day–and it only took a few minutes. Dallas shopped this book around to traditional publishers who all turned him down. So he printed it online–and it went nuts. Finally, Penguin snapped it up, and it hit bookshelves yesterday.

Check out this excerpt and some artwork. Then see Dallas talk about his book in the video below:

“Because it’s never too late,
too late to begin,
and today is the day
the world might end.

And today is the day
the world might start,
so live it and love it
with all of your heart.”


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