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Chick Out This Plucky New Chicken Memoir ‘Once Upon a Flock’ by Lauren Scheuer

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

It’s my birthday soon, and I hope my husband reads this post. I really, really want chickens. My kids and I could bond this spring while tending to some feathered friends.

Luckily, author Lauren Scheuer has just written the most delightful and plucky family memoir that’s part how-to guide. Here’s what Lauren has to say about her book, Once Upon a Flock based on her popular Scratch and Peck blog.

Dear Husband, read this. Here’s why Lauren (these are her illustrations of her girls) thinks we should buy some hens:

“These days it’s harder than ever to pry our kids off of the electronic gadgets and shoo them outside for some fresh air and sunshine. If you’re trying to find a way to get your family back outdoors, chickens might just be your perfect answer.

A few chickens in a backyard coop add far more color and adventure to a backyard than a sandbox or a jump rope can. Chickens are certainly more interactive than a video game, and it’s possible that both you and your kids will find them to be just as addictive.

Chickens are comical characters with a quirky kind of charm. Their distinct personalities make for fun interactions, and they can be quite social with their humans. Children are naturally drawn to these curious creatures, and chickens are often drawn to kids as well.

A small flock is a practical, useful addition to almost any backyard setting. Popular reasons to start a flock include the promise of fresh eggs, an educational opportunity for the kids, or the wonderful compost their manure can provide for your family garden. Once your flock moves in, however, it doesn’t take long for these personable characters to peck their way into your hearts.

From a mom’s point of view, chickens truly are the perfect family pets.

They’re easy to keep: Just five or 10 minutes a day is all they require for general feeding and maintenance. They don’t ask you to take them for a walk, and they don’t hog the sofa at night.  Chickens won’t gnaw on the kids’ toys or shred your favorite upholstered chair, and they’re not likely to dig through the trash.

Out in the sunshine, you’ll find that every child has a unique way of interacting with chickens.

And don’t forget the eggs!  Most kids enjoy the daily thrill of skipping out to the coop to retrieve fresh clean eggs. There’s a beautiful bit of education that comes along with that, when a child realizes where food comes from.

No matter your approach to backyard chickens, be warned. Your kids might just step outdoors into the sunshine voluntarily…. and those electronic toys are going to collect a bit of dust.”

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