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Chick Lit Pick: ‘How Lucky You Are’

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

We love Kristyn Kusek Lewis who writes regularly for Parents Magazine. She’s a gifted freelancer who recently debuted her first novel, How Lucky You Are. I’ve seen the pretty cover on shelves at Target, which was super cool. When a book lands in a big retail store, and glows prominently from a top shelf, it’s made the big time.

Krysten deserves the attention. I just finished How Lucky You Are, and goodness, how lucky am I that she wrote such a wonderful, heartfelt chick lit book? It’s about three old friends, Waverly, Kate and Amy. Waverly owns a bakery, and hides her financial troubles from everyone–especially her ultra-likable boyfriend. All the while, she’s trying to help her two BFFs get through major problems with their husbands. Though they were close friends in their early 20s, life has sent the women in three vastly different directions. Waverly works and worries all day long; Amy becomes a doctor’s wife who stays home with her kids; and Kate marries a high-profile politician. Will they be able to unravel their secrets, be true to each other and perserve their friendships? Ahhh, well. You’ll have to read this book, one that really gets and explores the nuances of women’s relationships, to find the answers.

How did Kristyn write such a touching book? I am intrigued about what inspired her and how she juggles work with marriage and motherhood. So I asked her a few questions:

KK: How important are the female friendships you have in your life? (more…)

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