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Out Today: ‘Yes, Chef’ by Marcus Samuelsson

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I’ve had Marcus Samuelsson‘s meatballs. Before I had kids, I was a lucky girl who got to dine in New York City quite often. On super special occasions, my then-boyfriend-now-husband would take me to the famous Swedish restaurant called Aquavit where Samuelsson was head of the kitchen. He was young then, and he was winning accolades and awards like the James Beard Foundation best chef in NYC. Fast forward several years, and you’ve probably seen him whip up delicious food on The Today Show (this morning!) and Martha Stewart. And he was so witty when he won Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

Oh, I’ll just admit it. I totally have a crush.

Today, I can stalk Marcus Samuelsson in a legit and legal way. I can read his new memoir called Yes, Chef that just released. Already, it’s number one on Amazon’s bestseller list in the cookbooks category (even though it’s a memoir). I’ve heard that the book is insightful, bright and full of hope. According to the The New York Times, it’s written with “modesty and tact.”

I’m in. I want to read more about his extraordinary life. As you may have heard, Samuelsson was born into poverty in Ethiopia. When his mother died, he and his sister were adopted by a middle-class couple from Sweden where he grew up. He learned to cook by his grandmother’s side. (Grandmothers in Sweden are called Mormor which means mother’s mother. I know this because my husband is a Swede. I love Scandinavians.) To follow his culinary dreams, Samuelsson moved to New York City to become a chef. I’m so glad he did!

Stories of unlikely success, passion and prosperity make me happy. I want to know his recipe for overcoming life’s obstacles. Mostly, it would be interesting to find out how Samuelsson crossed racial and cultural barriers to bring us all together through food, eventually cooking up President Obama’s first state dinner. I hope the First Lady got to try those meatballs.

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