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5 Ways for Moms to Get Unstuck Right Now by the Author of ‘The 52 Weeks’

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Did you like the book Eat, Pray, Love and wish you could devote a whole year to becoming a better person? Yeah, me too. But with three small kids, trips to Italy, India and Bali (or even the local spa) are out of the question. That’s where a fun new book comes in. The 52 Weeks: Two Women and Their Quest to Get Unstuck with Stories and Ideas to Jumpstart Your Year of Discovery was written to inspire readers to try new things no matter how crazy-busy they are.

One of the authors, Karen Amster-Young, gives the scoop on the book below. And don’t miss her 5 Ways to Get Unstuck!

“We are bombarded each and every day with countless responsibilities, errands, work, family and taking care of those we love. Carving out time for ourselves is usually last on the list. In fact, we often feel guilty when we sneak off to the gym, a movie or even a long lunch.

A few years ago a good friend and I found ourselves complaining about this–a lot. We were restless and wanted to shake things up. Our children were no longer babies, and we felt stuck. We wanted to make an effort to do new things again. We would be happier and healthier, plus we would be better moms, wives and friends if we just did a few things for ourselves. We vowed to try something new or different every week for a year and write about it. Now, our book, The 52 Weeks, inspired by our blog, is out. We’ve included our adventures and expert advice, and we hope this book gets you doing more things you love.

Don’t now how to get started? Here are 5 Ways to Get Unstuck Right now (and have some fun along the way!):

1. Learn something new. Even if your newborn keeps you at home most days, sign up for an on-line class, learn a new language at home or teach yourself new recipes right from your computer. Learning new things stimulates the mind and improves your mood.

 2. Take 10 minutes to give back. Send flowers to a friend just because, make soup for a sick neighbor, donate clothes you don’t wear anymore to a non-profit organization. Giving back makes you feel like you are doing something beyond your four walls.

3. Hire a sitter for an hour and take a yoga, Pilates or other exercise class. We all know that exercise lifts your spirit. Do one new thing for health and well-being this week.

4. Don’t forget your significant other. As new moms, we often neglect our primary relationships. It may be hard to get out for date night for a while but find time to bond. Take advantage of naptime on weekends and rent a movie together or light a candle and play cards.

5. Get out of your zip code. Hire a sitter or borrow your mom for a while and plan a trip to another neighborhood–even for an hour. Simply getting out of your immediate area can give you a new perspective on everything.”


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