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Suspense Thriller ‘The K Street Affair’ is BN Book Pick, Written by Mom Mari Passananti

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Did you like Gone Girl? Are you into suspense-thrillers? Here’s a great one for you, The K Street Affair, which was a recent Barnes & Noble Book Club Pick of the Month. I asked author Mari Passananti to tell me more about motherhood and writing. Kudos to Mari for breaking into this male-dominated book genre!

KK:  What’s your book about?
MP: The K Street Affair follows one young lawyer who risks everything, including her life and the lives of those closest to her, to try to stop her law firm’s clients from financing and executing a series of large scale terror attacks. 

 KK: How excited were you to be a BN Pick of the Month?
 MP: It’s very exciting to have my second novel singled out for recognition by the country’s largest bookstore chain, especially since I worried, prior to publication, that The K Street Affair might be viewed by some in the book business as too quirky. The novel doesn’t fit into any neat pigeon hole. It’s women’s fiction, by virtue of having a female protagonist, Lena Mancuso. It’s a thriller, since Lena spends most of the book trying to stay alive and one step ahead of the villains. And it’s a political suspense novel, because those villains include a prominent politician, a lobbyist, and several investors in a massive multinational corporation. The K Street Affair poses big questions about the nexus of power and money and about how Washington, D.C. works—not the most customary contemporary women’s fiction fare. But, as bestselling thriller author Joseph Finder said recently, “The world could use more women thriller writers.” I wholeheartedly agree.
KK: How do you juggle writing and motherhood?
MP: My son is three years old, and he goes to preschool four days a week. For now, I do most of my writing during school hours and find myself wishing for a slightly longer work week (though it’s probably not p.c. to say that). When my son was younger, I had a wonderful regular part time sitter, because I could not imagine trying to write anything more complicated than an email while watching him. I think it’s really important to be frank about the work/life juggling question. I know so many women who beat themselves up because they think they should be able to work from home while minding their toddlers. And unfortunately, I know a few who claim to work while watching their kids, when they are actually paying a babysitter. I see no shame in paying for child care as an investment in your career, and I don’t think it’s something we women should hide from one another. I should add that I also know author moms who work while their kids are home, or they write from the sidelines at soccer practice, or in their parked minivans. Their kids are older and out of permanent self-destruct mode.
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