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Kid Lit: Pinkalicious’ New Book Color Revealed!

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Want to know the color of the new Pinkalicious book? Well, we have the answer here first! Pinkalicious herself, AKA author/illustrator Victoria Kann, gave an exclusive reveal from the cute contest they just wrapped up. And Victoria answered a few of my most pressing questions, too.

The new book title, color included, will be…

Drum roll, please.

Aqualicious! Check out the early cover art at left, too. Keep reading and Victoria will tell you all about it.

KK: Can you give us a hint about what the new book will be about?
VK: Aqualicious has been so much fun to work on! The Pinkertons spend a day at the beach. While they are there Pinkalicious collects seashells. Something wonderful happens when she finds a unique shell that has a little creature sleeping inside. Can you guess who she might meet and get to spend the entire day with? A merminnie! Oh, you say you have never heard of a merminnie? You’ll love finding out! It’s a day that we all wish we could experience. I am so excited about this book. It will be out in a little less than a year. I can’t wait for you to read it! Let me know what you think on my Facebook page.

KK: Why do you think children are so drawn to your books?
VK: Children of all ages–boys and girls, men and women–want delight and magic in their lives. The fantastical world of Pinkalicious fulfills that very human desire in us all. Plus I think children love colorful images that have depth. Many times children and their parents tell me that they enjoy looking at the script hidden in the pigeons in Purplicious, or the musical notes in the grass in Goldilicious, or the numbers hidden in the leaves of the trees. There are many details and layers to the artwork which makes it fun to stop and look. Things aren’t necessarily what they appear to be.

KK: Where do you get the best ideas?
VK: My ideas come from children, either from listening to what they say or from observing them play. In addition, when I go to book signings many of the kids tell me what color they want me to do next. Sometimes it is incredible how I will be writing a story and young reader will come up and make a suggestion for my next book and I will have written something very similar to what they have said. It really makes me laugh how in synch we are sometimes!

When I write a story I ask myself this question: “What would be the greatest thing that could ever happen?” If I think of something that makes me smile, then I know that is what I want to focus on. Writing and illustrating a book can take about two years, so I want to do something that will bring me joy as I work on it. If it brings me joy, other people might feel that way too!

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