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Glennon Melton of Momastery’s Book ‘Carry On, Warrior’ Hits #5–and It’s Not Even Out Yet!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Every once in a while, a writer turns up who is just that special. This is definitely the case with Glennon Doyle Melton, blogger at Momastery. She’s a hit because everything she writes runs deep and true–and makes us laugh. (You may remember her famous blog, Don’t Carpe Diem.) It’s no wonder that her upcoming book, Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed, went to #5 #4 on Amazon this week–and it doesn’t even come out until April.

How can that happen? You have to be that special person who can move your (many, many) fans to pre-order. And that’s just what Melton did. Read her thoughts below on how her gangbuster week has been going. And listen to her wise advice: She thinks we moms should Forgive Ourselves Everyday. Melton is brilliant. Don’t miss her wit and wisdom below:

KK: Congrats on your pre-sales! How surprised were you at your early success?
GDM: I was shocked and awed. The Monkees of the Momastery (my readers) are mountain movers.

KK: What are you doing to celebrate?
GDM: There are two rugs on my bathroom floor that my dogs have peed on. When I heard that Carry On, Warrior hit the Amazon top five bestseller list, I drove straight to Target and bought two new rugs. I brought them home, laid them down, and my dogs immediately peed on those. Now I have four peed on bath rugs, which I suppose is what I deserve for celebrating so excessively.

KK: How do you juggle your writing (blogs, books) with motherhood? Do you have any advice for moms of young kids who are chasing their own dreams?
GDM: I am one of those really bad jugglers who keeps hitting other people and her own feet with the balls. I juggle poorly and clumsily and I make a hundred big and small mistakes every day. I disappoint people and I forget birthday parties and I miss deadlines. Motherhood, whether I’m with my kids all day or not, is just impossibly hard for me. I don’t think that means I’m doing it wrong, though. I think it’s just hard. Thankfully, we can do hard things. My advice is to forgive yourself over and over again forever and ever. 

KK: In two sentences, what is your hot new book about?
GDM: Carry On, Warrior is about what life can be like when we come out of hiding and become shameless truth tellers. It’s about how brutal and beautiful are recovery, marriage, parenthood, friendship and faith.

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My Roundup: Best Books of 2012

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

I love December. Sure, the presents, cookies and family time are great. But what gets me really excited? The Best Books of 2012 lists. I don’t usually agree with the (snobbish) book world’s top picks, but I relish in reading their carefully selected and politically correct choices. You know in high school when the coach would post who made the cheerleading squad? Book picks are like that for me because I’m a geek.

Below, I’ve compiled Best of Lists from The New York Times, Amazon and Publisher’s Weekly. I saw several repeats such as Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, Building Stories by Chris Ware and Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.

Have you read any of those three? I haven’t. How many of the books below interest you? I’ve read four of them, and three others are in my to-read pile. Is it PC to write that several of these seem kind of boring? I only speak the truth.

I’ll write about my own picks next week, and I promise they’re more fun. Also, stay tuned for a post about the books Parents staffers loved this year.

Most importantly, what’s your favorite book of 2012? Bare your soul to me in the comments. 

The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2012

Bring Up the Bodies
by Hilary Mantel

Building Stories
by Chris Ware

A Hologram for a King
by Dave Eggars

by Zadie Smith

The Yellow Birds
by Kevin Powers


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Just In: Amazon’s Kindle Fire is Sold Out Forever

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Just a few minutes ago, Amazon’s brainiac Jeff Bezos announced that the Kindle Fire is sold out. Gone. Finished. They’ve stopped making them.

My husband has the Kindle Fire, and I think it’s heavy and slow. (He ignores me. He hoards his to play poker and read John Grisham novels.) Also, the applications for Fire are clunky compared to Apple’s offerings. Much like the iPad–and you really can’t compare the two–the Fire is impossible to read in sunlight because of its blinding glassy glare. I prefer the basic old Kindle–the one that’s gray and features a keyboard designed for Smurfs. That small, lightweight gadget is still available on Amazon for only $79. I love mine. It’s not the end of the world if I accidentally leave it on an airplane or drop it into my kid’s sand castle. And I can read it outdoors.

Back to the big news: Amazon is hosting a mystery press event this time next week. (I’m sure my invitation just got lost in the mail.) They’re expected to present a spankin’ new e-reader to sell. In the next couple of hours, I await The New York Time’s gadget guru David Pogue’s speculations on Bezo’s upcoming toy. (Someone on Twitter tweeted that Amazon should make a badass robot warrior. Brilliant idea!) Just yesterday, Pogue wrote a great article about the Amazon Prime streaming service. I bet Amazon’s new toy will attempt to seamlessly incorporate their e-reader and Prime media player.

Are you into e-readers? After trying them all over the last two years, I appreciate their slickness, their coolness. I love the highlight feature where I tag my favorite passages and read them over and over again.

But e-reader’s main competition may be a plain old paper book. Those are super-cool, too.


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