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Mom Who’s a Priest Writes a Sexy Vampire Novel: Author Amber Belldene Talks About ‘Blood Vine’

Friday, January 11th, 2013

When I heard an Episcopal priest with young twins was writing a sexy vampire novel, I was thirsty for more. Amber Belldene‘s racy paranormal romance called Blood Vine came out this week, and right now it’s only $3.99 for Amazon Kindle. Thank God. Now there’s something better to read than 50 Shades of Grey.

I wanted to know more about how this busy, talented woman pulled off parenting, preaching and erotic writing, so I asked to fill me in on her secrets. Here is the scoop on life, religion and romance from Amber Belldene:

“My debut novel Blood Vine is a racy paranormal romance. I describe it as vanilla with a little chocolate sauce, including a male/male romantic subplot. The book is set on a winery in Sonoma County, California. It’s a vampire story with a few unique twists. My vampires are from Croatia, so I’ve woven history and culture into the plot. Over the series, I’ll be looking at deep emotional themes–Blood Vine’s theme is nostalgia. Some of my readers have described the book as on the literary side of romance, which is a great compliment because that’s the type I love to read.

I was inspired to write this book after becoming a bit of a romance junkie when I was pregnant with my twins. I went on early maternity leave, couldn’t sleep, and read hundreds of paranormal and historical novels. At first, they were a guilty pleasures, and I thought a lot about why I loved them. Then, I began to wonder if I could pen one too. Shortly after that, the setting and premise of the story came to me, and I started writing.

At first it was a lark, but it quickly consumed me, and I received lots of encouragement from the friends and writers who generously read my first drafts. When I began to take Blood Vine and my passion for writing seriously, I had to figure out where it fit in my life as a working mom of twins, and as an Episcopal priest.

On the personal side, writing takes up all my spare time. For now, I’ve given up my hobbies of knitting, gardening, and cooking. I try to exercise, but not nearly enough. Balancing my author life with my family life is my most challenging work-in-progress and much harder than the writing itself. But I’m fortunate to have a husband who supports my dream.

As a priest who writes romance, I’ve chosen to take a pen name. I’ve also had to articulate exactly what I believe about sex, and why racy books aren’t sinful. In my opinion, sex is a holy expression of love and intimacy. Physical pleasure is a gift, and so is the pleasure of a good read. My colleagues and superiors have been supportive all the way, joining with me in fruitful theological discussions. My books aren’t religious, but writing them has truly helped me grow spiritually.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m biting. I can’t wait to read her 290-page book.

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Forget ’50 Shades of Grey!’ Read ’50 Shades of Chicken’

Monday, September 24th, 2012

“Oh please,” Anastasia Steele says when Christian Grey does naughty things to her in 50 Shades of Grey. Another one of her often-repeated phrases is, “Holy crap.”

Looking for something juicier–and definitely more tender? Check out 50 Shades of Chicken, a new recipe book that comes out November 13. Right now, it’s on sale for $11.99 (retail price will be $19.99). Sounds finger lickin’ good!

Written by F.L. Fowler, the book tells you all the delicious things you can do with Miss Chicken, a young free-range bird. The publisher’s website reveals the following information:

“A parody in three acts—’The Novice Bird’ (easy recipes for roasters), ‘Falling to Pieces’ (parts perfect for weeknight meals), and ‘Advanced Techniques’ (the climax of cooking)—Fifty Shades of Chicken is a cookbook of fifty irresistible, repertoire-boosting chicken dishes that will leave you hungry for more.”

Want to know what you’ll be cooking in this book? Recipes are titled Dripping Thighs, Sticky Chicken Fingers, Vanilla Chicken, Chicken with a Lardon, and Learning-to-Truss-You Chicken.

The cookbook–and the parody–are real (and really funny). This raw joke gets me all roasted up. And if you really want to ham it up, don’t miss 50 Shades of Bacon.



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