5 Tips to Get Read for Baby from ‘Dude to Dad’

Happy belated Father’s Day guys! Whether you’re a guy or a gal expecting a baby, Chris Pegula has your back. Check out his advice below from his brand new book, From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy:

What is it with us guys freaking out over becoming dads? After all, it’s the women that have to undergo all the emotional and physical transformation during the pregnancy. In all honesty, I think as guys we can do a lot more to ease our partners through their nine month journey of pregnancy while at the same time empowering ourselves to overcome our fears of fatherhood.

Check out these 5 tips on getting prepared for the arrival of your little one.

 #1 Get Involved
Get involved in your partner’s process as much as possible and as soon as possible. Be curious, ask questions about her experience, and attend as many doctor visits and classes with her as you can. This will ease you into your new role and slowly begin to eliminate your fear.

#2 Ask Questions
Accept that you don’t know everything and don’t be afraid to seek council from others. More often than not, experience is the only way to learn, so it is helpful to talk to some experienced parents ahead of time to prepare yourself. You have a whole army of people in your life who have gone through this and are generally happy to dole out advice.

#3 Temper Your Expectations
Once your partner is pregnant, don’t assume she is going to react to things the way she used to. She is going through all sorts of physical and emotional changes, so bear with her and cut her some slack. Always act as if you are doing things for the first time and run it by her first.

#4 It’s All About We, Not Me
Start early on making choices that are in the best interests of you both, so that it will have become second nature once the baby arrives. For instance, maybe it’s not so smart to commit to those NBA tickets when your partner is vomiting incessantly.

#5 Compromise
You will be making many compromises when you become a dad. Depending on how your partner handles her pregnancy, these compromises may begin early on or may not affect you until the baby arrives. Once your newborn arrives, choosing what’s best for all three, will become second nature and it will make you a more responsible dad.

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