Parents’ Happiness Ted Talk By Jennifer Senior, ‘All Joy and No Fun’ Author

Can I tell you how much I love Jennifer Senior and her newish book called All Joy and No Fun? We covered this important topic–that children’t don’t necessarily make our lives happier–when it came out in January.

It’s a fascinating topic. We all know raising kids is tough work with fewer rewards than challenges. But no one says it. And if we don’t talk about it, we can’t figure out how to make it easier and better.

Jennifer, because she’s delightful and brilliant, was invited to give a Ted Talk, one that has almost 1 million views. You must check it out. Her findings and aha-moments will blow your mind. But more than that, she will help you put words to feelings you’ve had so you can deal with them. Ultimately, being happy parents is our goal. So what is the first step to you being a happier mom? Watch this video and see if sparks any ideas.

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