‘Fold Me Up,’ Satisfies Your Need for Paper Fortune Tellers–and Gives You a Good One for Free!

Were you obsessed with making and playing with paper fortune tellers when you were a kid? Did your fifth grade teacher send you into the hallway because you made a whole bunch and passed them out to your class during reading time? Oh, that was me.

I’ve already made these with my kids, and now a new book takes the whole fortune teller phenomenom, also known as cootie catchers, to colorful and epic new levels. The book Fold Me Up: 100 Paper Fortune-Tellers for Life’s Pressing Questions by Michelle Taute might be for grown ups, but the kids and I made a few together anyway. We giggled. You’ll find fortune tellers that help you decide whether to have another cocktail and make important decisions based on what Mr. T would do. (Mr. T from a show called The A Team–you know that, right?)

Below, the authors created a custom fortune teller just for Parents.com readers. It’s called, Have You Lost It? I already know the answer to this question, but I’m going to print this out (see below) and play with it anyway. Why spend my morning working when I can solve all of my problems while having fun?



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