Tragic and Beautiful: Emily Rapp’s ‘The Still Point of the Turning World

Amazing, poignant, tragic and beautiful. That’s how I’d describe Emily Rapp‘s bestselling memoir, The Still Point of the Turning World. You’ve probably heard of Emily by now. She’s written amazing pieces about her son Ronan for The New York Times and many other publications. When he was nine months old, she and her husband found out he had Tay-Sachs–an always fatal disease that creeps in as the child slowly fades away.

I honestly didn’t think I could read a book like this one. My worst nightmare–like most moms–would be losing one of my children. But Emily’s writing and insight had me gently facing my fears as I learned how her family coped with grief. They did it with sadness, anger, presence of mind and grace. Emily took something ugly and violent and truly made it change the way I think about my life. Her sweet little boy died recently, and on the day I found out, I cried.

Read The Still Point of the Turning World. The words are pure poetry, and the mother’s struggle an inspiration. I think of Emily often, and I wonder how she’s doing now. And I hope she’ll use her wisdom and talents to write another gorgeous book soon.

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