‘STFU, Parents’ Explores the Crazy World of Parent Bragging and Overshare

Kids are the cutest–especially our own. That’s why so many of us–me totally included–share our photos, videos and funny words on Facebook and Twitter. Birthdays, first steps, hiccups and lost teeth are popular topics on my FB feed. But then, there’s always that weird one where a parent overshares. You know, the ones showing or describing poop or gory tricycle accidents. And what about getting Mommy-jacked? Like when you post that you’re feeling lousy in your third trimester and someone comments about their months of bedrest in the hospital. Ugh.

You and I would never do that. Right?

Sound familiar? Then you’ll love the addictive, mind-blowing (think photos of placentas) website devoted to parents who go coo coo on social media. I giggle when I read STFU, Parents created by the brilliant blogger Blair Koenig. For belly laughs, check out her new book STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare.

Think she’s seen it all by now? She says parents still surprise her everyday–especially with those placentas:

KK: What’s one of the most outrageous things you’ve heard of a parent doing lately?
BK: One of the strangest trends to emerge lately is an obsession some mothers have with their children’s teeth. I call this type of parent a “documom.” I’ve received dozens of photo submissions of baby teeth coming in, bloody mouths from lost baby teeth, you name it. The majority of the images are extreme close-ups, so it’s usually just a frame with gums and teeth. I also recently posted about a mother who got a tattoo of an apple that her toddler ate. She thought her daughter’s tiny teeth marks in the apple were so cute that she wanted to preserve the apple forever, so she got a sizable tattoo and posted about it on Facebook. That was just plain odd.

KK: Does anything shock you anymore?
I’m shocked all the time! Going through email is as frightening an exercise for me as visiting the blog can be for readers. There’s plenty of shock value in receiving pictures of poopplacentas, and other yucky things, but the thing I’m most amazed by is how unapologetic some parents can be. There is a lot of entitlement that comes with changing a baby’s dirty diaper on a restaurant table and then bragging about it on social media.

KK: What advice do you have for us usually-sane parents who sometimes slip up and post annoying things on Facebook?
We all have a natural tendency to overshare or slip up on occasion. If you accidentally mommyjack (or daddyjack) a friend’s status update, don’t sweat it. It happens! But if you “accidentally” post a picture of your child’s poop in the potty, then you might have some bigger problems on your hands. So to speak.

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