The Daily 10: What Every Parent Can Do to Enhance Baby’s First Year

Have a little baby? Thinking about infant IQ already? I know I was when my kids were tiny. Check out this fascinating advice from expert Deborah White (at left), founder of Innovate Your Baby and author of a new parenting book called Time You Can’t Get BackShe believes you can make your child smarter for the long term–starting now!

“Parents spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their children to help them learn. They pay for prestige pre-schools, the latest apps, tutors, study guides, private schools and the latest technology to help give their children the best odds of success. However, research proves that those same parents can give their kids an academic advantage and a boost in IQ simply by practicing The Daily 10 during the first 12 months of their life.

A baby’s brain is developing huge numbers of neurological connections which lay the groundwork for the rest of her life. A surprising number of parents (many well-educated) believe that babies mainly eat, sleep, poop and cry during their first 12 months. Parents who believe this are missing critical opportunities to help their babies develop and build lasting bonds with their children.

Classic research on babies and young toddlers shows that stimulating interactions increase IQ and lack of interaction decreases IQ (Skeels & Dye, 1939). Another key research study (Hart & Risley, 1995) shows that kids whose parents talked to them a lot, in adult language, using all types of words, had better developed vocabularies, better academic success at age 9, and even higher IQ. Here are their findings:

1. The variation in children’s IQs and language abilities is relative to the amount parents speak to their children.

2. Children’s academic successes at ages 9 and 10 are attributable to the amount of talk they hear from birth to age 3.

3. Parents of advanced children talk significantly more to their children than parents of children who are not as advanced.

The experts agree, and their research backs it up, that parents can significantly influence their children’s intelligence. Most importantly, parents don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to accomplish this.

Incorporating my The Daily 10 from my book into your routine is a simple modification to the time you already spend with your baby. Adding these activities will pay dividends for your baby’s brain development as well as increase the closeness you and your baby experience together. Keep reading…

The Daily 10 for the First Years of a Baby’s Life

1. Look your baby in the eyes all of the time, especially when you are talking to him.

2. Talk to your baby in his language and yours. Baby talk is fine but be sure to talk to him like an adult too.

3. Show her how you are doing things. Hold thing up or get down at her level.

4. Let her do what you are doing. Give her a similar item to hold, like a clean diaper or wooden

5. Make diapering special. Sing. Talk to you baby.

6. Smile at your baby. Smiling sends a signal to your baby that the environment is presently safe and free of harm. This relaxes the brain and puts it into learning mode.

7. Sing to your baby regardless if you are an American Idol® contestant or not.

8. Read every day with enthusiasm. There are so many wonderful children’s books. Look for big, bright pictures.

9. Eliminate or minimize electronic media. Don’t park you baby in front of the TV for hours. If you do, watch it together and talk to your baby about what he is seeing on the screen.

10. Go outside as much as possible. Let your baby touch different textures, smell flowers, play with water. Be sure to tell her what she is touching and use descriptive words to describe it.

Enlist the whole family. Share The Daily 10 with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, baby’s older siblings, caregivers, anyone who spends time with your baby. With everyone involved and participating, innovation becomes a routine part of your baby’s life. The benefits compound as more and more people are helping him develop and build his brain each day. Your child will only be an infant once.

Innovate Your Baby, founded by parenting expert, author and keynote speaker, Deborah White, is the new initiative aimed at helping all babies get the best brain development start in life. In her book Time You Can’t Get Back, Deborah shows parents how to modify the time they already spend with their baby using her 101 fun, easy activities that support each of The Daily 10. Innovate Your Baby’s goal is to raise the level of early brain development in all babies. Check out the website and email Deborah if you have questions.”

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  1. by Charlie Hendricks

    On April 21, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    We’re getting ready to have our first child. I was worried at first reading this article because my husband is very introverted. I’ll pass him a link to this article. Thanks for the Daily 10.