What Would Dr. Seuss Tweet?

Dr. Seuss‘ birthday was Saturday, and last week, my kids celebrated at school for Read Across America. Wacky Wednesday was my personal diggity. My son tried to wear socks on his head, but the logistics baffled him in the end. I won’t even try to describe Crazy Hat Day.

I’ve been meaning to post about it for days–DAYS–but I’m a little behind. My husband just returned from a work trip in London; I endured the drama of an ongoing emergency root canal; and my three kids are taking turns barfing. I’m posting this now because I’m probably next.

I’ll forget about all of this in a week–or five.

But I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t post about the amazing Dr. Seuss. Reader’s Digest just passed along these quippy tweets. What would Dr. Seuss would Tweet if he were still alive (see suggestions below)? Honestly, I don’t think he’d have a Twitter account. He’d be way too busy on Instagram.

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  1. by Richard Mata

    On April 4, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Did you know that Dr. Seuss’s words from Green Eggs and Ham coincide with what is happening in America and has been since the time of Abraham Lincoln in a spirit of perversion? According to what I read Lincoln had to promise the heads of slaves in order to borrow money (on behalf of America) from foreign banks (Dutch I think). If you look at your birth certificate it has a red number at the bottom and it is printed on the same type of paper that the Dollar is printed on. If you take your number to a stock broker you will find that it is a number on the stock market. This is a perversion of Lincoln’s actions because America has been selling its citizens in this manner, but it is not of God, it violates human rights, and it is unconstitutional. If I told you not to accept a mark on your right hand or forehead would you? Your birth certificate is based upon Catholic Canon law in the spirit of blasphemy and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) of international business. If our leaders are trying to bankrupt America and install permanent martial law (in collusion with Presidential Executive Orders), then a FEMA camp becomes a concentration camp. Look up the IBM machines used in WWII Nazi Germany and you will see what the VeirChip microchip is intended for as an implantable RFID transponder system (to be implanted on your right hand or forehead). This holds some similarities with Green Eggs and Ham. In the book of “The Canticle of Canticles” or “Song of Songs” “catch us little foxes” means to catch us little false prophets according to the book called The City of God by Sister Mary Agreda. The goat is symbolic of pestilence and or “eating until there is nothing left,” because sheep do not eat until the vegetation dies; they graze and move on to let the vegetation grow back.

    The boat is of the Canon Law blasphemy of UCC code and what happens when you dock.

    The house, the boat, the goat (baphomet), the false prophet, he dark, the house mouse, Uncle Sam, atheism, the One World Order, America the “pig” and whorehouse, and the demon named “legion” in the Bible come to mind when reading Green Eggs and Ham; also, Jesus in the Bible says “I am who am,” meaning that before anything exists God exists. This is a children’s book and Dr. Seuss is a genius? What do you think the green eggs represents?
    They say if you look at Disney you can see 666 in its logo.