Chick Lit Pick: ‘How Lucky You Are’

We love Kristyn Kusek Lewis who writes regularly for Parents Magazine. She’s a gifted freelancer who recently debuted her first novel, How Lucky You Are. I’ve seen the pretty cover on shelves at Target, which was super cool. When a book lands in a big retail store, and glows prominently from a top shelf, it’s made the big time.

Krysten deserves the attention. I just finished How Lucky You Are, and goodness, how lucky am I that she wrote such a wonderful, heartfelt chick lit book? It’s about three old friends, Waverly, Kate and Amy. Waverly owns a bakery, and hides her financial troubles from everyone–especially her ultra-likable boyfriend. All the while, she’s trying to help her two BFFs get through major problems with their husbands. Though they were close friends in their early 20s, life has sent the women in three vastly different directions. Waverly works and worries all day long; Amy becomes a doctor’s wife who stays home with her kids; and Kate marries a high-profile politician. Will they be able to unravel their secrets, be true to each other and perserve their friendships? Ahhh, well. You’ll have to read this book, one that really gets and explores the nuances of women’s relationships, to find the answers.

How did Kristyn write such a touching book? I am intrigued about what inspired her and how she juggles work with marriage and motherhood. So I asked her a few questions:

KK: How important are the female friendships you have in your life?

KKL: I have close friendships with several women whom I’ve known since as far back as the third grade. I’m lucky to have close friends from several stages of life—childhood friends whom I speak to weekly, college friends, the three women who were like sisters during my single twenties, fellow mama friends. I think that when we’re young, we think that you can only have one best friend and that’s that, but I’ve found that one wonderful aspect of getting older is that you can have close, deep relationships with many people, and that it’s so important for women to have this sort of precious tribe that we can rely on as we move through life.

KK: What inspired you to write How Lucky You Are?

KKL: I wanted to write about long friendships, and the ways in which our relationships change as we get older and adopt new roles, like motherhood, becoming a spouse, starting a business, etc. Our lives become complicated and our friendships are often the only thread that stays steady.

KK: What message do you want women to take from your book?

KKL: To feel grateful for the lives they have and the people in them—particularly old friends.

KK: How many children do you have? What ages are they?
KKL: I have two girls, ages 2 and 4.

KK: Last question–and this one is for those of us who dream of writing books. How did being a mom help and hinder the process of starting and completing your novel?

KKL: Ha! I started the book when I was very newly pregnant with my first child. I’d just finished the first draft of another book but I knew it wasn’t the one, so I wrote the first draft of this one during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is an annual November event where you’re challenged to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I wrote several drafts over the next couple of years—not steadily, given the newborn and the adjustment to motherhood—and signed with my agent right before I had my second daughter. She was three months old when I signed with my publisher. It was a ridiculous time—I’ll never forget getting up for 3 am feedings to nurse, putting the baby to bed, and then heading to my desk to write until she woke up again at 5. I don’t miss those days!

Thanks, Kristyn. She tells me she’s currently working on her second novel, “a love story about two doctors and a tragic accident.” Oooh, sounds great.

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