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Win Big: Kid-ish Contest Roundup

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Who doesn’t like winning something? Nobody, that’s who. Since there are lots of really cool contests going on here at Parents & American Baby, I thought I’d spread the love by corralling them right here, thus making it nice and simple for you to click and win, win, win. I won’t even consider asking you to share your loot with me. You are so very welcome.

But wait! Before I do, huge congrats to Kate, who won a signed copy of Jennifer Wilson’s new book, Running Away to Home by commenting on my Q&A with the fabulous Ms. Wilson. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate. Your book is on its way.

OK, first up we have the American Baby Cover Contest. It’s just what it sounds like, people: Your very own Cutest Kid in the World on the cover of American Baby magazine, for all to coo over. The contest runs until Saturday, November 26th, but there are weekly $250 giveaways leading up to that deadline, so the sooner you enter, the better. Click here to learn more about the cover contest, including how to enter.

Next: The American Baby Car Seat Giveaway. Two lucky readers will win the new Summer Infant Prodigy car seat (retail: $180), specially designed so you don’t need a degree in aeronautical engineering to install it. To enter to win a car seat, comment on this Goody Blog post by Friday, November 11th. 

Now, on to the Parents Kid of the Year Photo Contest, wherein you win $7,000 AND official confirmation that your kid is ridonkuliously adorable. Again with the $250 weekly giveaways, so upload ASAP, though this one runs until January 12, 2012. Click here to learn more about entering the Kid of the Year Photo Contest, y’all.

Aaaand last, but in no way even close to least, the Parents 2011 Best Toys of the Year Sweepstakes. Just in time for the holidays, right? Five winners get one of five prize packages made up of toys from Parents’ hand-selected 2011 Best Toys of the Year. Each package retails between $350 and $500-ish bucks. For this one, you can enter daily, and the contest ends next Sunday, November 13th, so get on that. Click here to learn more about entering the Best Toys of the Year Sweepstakes.

So there you go. Enter away! Good luck. And know that in my book, you are all winners. (The prize for that one? A warm, fuzzy feeling. Enjoy.)

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