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Gearing Up for Pottytraining

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Look who’s wearing big boy undies.

Not often, and not for long, but we’re practicing. Gearing up for our three-day-weekend potty training extravaganza, scheduled to begin next Friday.

Changing a newborn’s diaper pushed me over the edge. Once I had something to compare it to, I realized Roy’s bum had grown huge over the last couple of years. And his poops. They’re practically man-sized.

Plus, on a daily basis, he disappears into a corner and turns quiet with concentration, and when we ask what he’s doing he says, “I’m pooping.” And when we ask if he’d like to do so on the toilet, he simply refuses. It’s just so purposeful. Quite the opposite of the helpless baby on the other side of the room, grunting and wriggling and unselfconsciously expelling large quantities of bright yellow liquid into her teensy diaper.

Enough is enough.

Clearly I’m ready. Outside of often refusing to #2 on the toilet, he seems ready. Pees on the toilet several times a day and exhibits extreme pride over his Thomas and friends undies, as well as a desire to keep them nice and dry. When we were out scouting big boy beds at Ikea last weekend, he kept asking Clint to take him into the bathroom—not to potty, mind you. Just to suss the situation out. See what he was signing up for.

So next Friday, we’re starting our pants-free potty training weekend. Just me and my mom, two potty chairs, lots of water and one toddler, naked from the waist down. It’s a version of Julie Fellom’s Diaper Free Toddlers Program. We call it The Potty Train. All aboard!

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