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Hello #2; Bye-Bye to Solo Time with #1?

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

I usually work four-day weeks; Monday through Thursday. Friday’s Mom & Roy day. Since he naps in the afternoon, we pack the fun stuff into the mornings. We’ll hang around in our PJs reading books and coloring, or go on play dates at a park, zoo, museum or friend’s house. Sometimes, we’ll go grocery shopping. Not too long ago, I said, “Roy, we get to hang out together all day tomorrow. What do you want to do?” “Oh!” he said immediately, as if the perfect idea just sprang to mind. “Run errands!” Whatever we do, it’s a good time, together.

We’ve had fewer of these Fridays the last couple of months since I’ve been trying to hit all my work deadlines before disappearing into babyland, which could happen at any moment. Since these work Fridays took place over the holidays, it didn’t seem like a big deal. There was always some extra-fun weekend event or non-Friday holiday that equaled special time together.

I obviously didn’t have the baby this week, and though I’ve gotten many of the things wrapped up that I want to get wrapped up, there’s always more to do. On Thursday, I stared at that blank Friday on my calendar contemplating: Day with Roy? Or day care and more wrapping up?

I decided to give him the choice. He chose daycare. I was happy that he likes daycare so much, and for another day to TCB, but also a little sad.

I asked Clint if I should override him or just accept the guilt-free work day. “Well, this could be the very last time you can spend a day only with Roy,” he said.

Me: “Don’t say that! That’s not true!”

Clint: “I think you’re misinterpreting me. I just mean it may be your last real full day alone together.”

Me: “What? No way. I’ll still spend time alone with Roy.”

Clint: “No, I mean on Fridays. You’d have to get someone to take care of the baby and, well. We will have two.”

Me: “Just… stop.”

I asked Roy again, and he’d changed his mind. “Day with Mommy,” he said.

Then again, before bedtime, just to be sure. His reply: “Mommy.”


We started with a leisurely breakfast, including shared kiwi. Play-doh. Lots of books read while tucked under a puffy blanket on the couch. And a laid-back walk on the relatively balmy January day. It was all just so perfect and sweet that I had to pause for a second to remind myself that this moving from one to two kids business isn’t just an end. It’s a beginning. And an exciting one at that.

C’mon, little one! We’re ready for you…

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