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How I Picked My Baby’s Name

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Choosing our new daughter’s name was much easier than choosing our son’s. With him, we arrived at the hospital with a notebook full of name possibilities. Between contractions, we took turns crossing them off. After bearing witness to a 30-some hour labor, Clint granted me the privilege of making the final decision. Even so, we were dangerously close to leaving the hospital with Unnamed Baby Buckner. I selected Royal—Roy—from among our whittled-down list of contenders simply because something about it just felt right. Or rather, more right than any other option.

But with our now two-week-old (!?), things came more easily. Her middle name was non-negotiable. Loraine. Loraine is my grandmother’s middle name; the name she goes by because she doesn’t like her actual first name. She’s the kids’ only living great-grandparent and an amazing woman. The best. The bonus that sealed the deal? It happened to be my other fabulous grandmother’s middle name as well. Easy.

We started searching for a first name a few months into the pregnancy, and stumbled upon Vera in a baby-name book. It was one of the few names we instantly agreed upon. We liked that it was classic, but not overly popular (yet—fingers crossed), and short. And that it started with a V, such a cool consonant. And we also dug how it sounded with Loraine, and with Roy. (FYI, we were already enamored with it when my fellow blogger Paula, of In Name Only, posted a little help looking for a name, and one commenter, Amy, suggested Vera. Right on, Amy!) We stayed open, continuing to look until the very end, but we never found another name we liked better. In fact, the longer I sat with it, the more I liked it. Vera Loraine Buckner.

When I called Grandma T. to tell her of Vera’s arrival, I said, “Her middle name is Loraine, with one R.”

Grandma said, “I’m glad she spells it right.”

How’d you decide upon your kid’s name?


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